One requires of one more a more participating management, strategist, visionary, adapted to the modern administrative knowledge, to be totally conscientious of which the success of the end item of the quality of the raw materials, of the quality of the design and in the quality of the administrative support that the company has, it becomes evident in the measurement that the company journeys looking for the economy and improvement of products. The SMEs especially, must worry to develop a quality culture more and productivity where they are jeopardizes all the members of the company, to constantly make an audit of quality, evaluate its management, as well as if it is counted on the indices of suitable processes that guarantee quality. To worry to certify the quality of its products, of another way they could not be competitive and they will be put under the displacement of the markets obtained by those companies that yes have given importance him are these topics. Advantages and disadvantages of the advantage of the norm of quality in the market management Advantages Disadvantages They constitute for the industry, a route to reduce costs and of improving his processes of production taking into account that the quality is a key factor for the competitive one in any market. The person who dedicates itself to standardize must be expert of this task guaranteeing therefore the incorporation of a procedure that adapts to the reality of the process, that is useful and of easy understanding.

The Normalization guarantees to the client the use of a safe product. The organizations who offer nonsafe products see affected in their image and credibility. Certification ISO 9001:2000 can improve its global yield, eliminate the uncertainties, extend the opportunities, as much offer to value added to its clients and trustworthiness in products as in the services that offer. To obtain the quality assurance for the companies he is voluntary, nevertheless the globalised competitiveness forces. The presence of the quality is essential for the human unfolding in all the scopes, particularly in the characteristics that will mark to the difference in the markets of the 21st century The climate of ruling political-economic instability in the country generates uncertainty and therefore it restrains the capitals of investment. To offer quality is a form to construct to a mark with own image in the community and the consumers. The quality certification is the recognition from third parties (expert for the market) able to guarantee that strong indications of the capacity of a company exist to develop an organization who measures her levels of productivity, accepts the innovation and deed capacities of adaptation or flexibility One requires the action of the State in diffusion fields, sensitization, education, qualification, support to the enterprise management, infrastructure for the quality, financing and representation in the regional and international scope. The certification includes to the company in a segment integrated by companies with homogenous conducts that compete from similar exigencies.