Games Consoles – What They Can And What Not

Play with full commitment – who like sports, preferred the controller of the Wii console\”by Nintendo: its motion sensors simulate the tennis racket in hand. Anyone who claims that he had his computer just to work, which is not to be trusted. Let’s face it: never look for personal purposes on the Internet? We promise: You write no private electric mail? Have really no favorite tracks on the computer? There you go: You play it even computer games! Why so upper adult then look PC and Mac users download on people who at home have a game console – and quite greedy on the new PlayStation from Sony, the current Xbox by Microsoft, the next Nintendo Wii? Yes, there are also many adults, the fast-paced, intelligent made, realistically crafted entertainment of the playful kind wish – and who also appreciate these devices because of its features that go far beyond the Daddelvergnugen: watch movies, listening to music, digicam photos demonstrate. It should work even with some can… What’s in those games machines with the graphics souped up and incredible calculations? Especially the new controller technology is connected to the Wii by Nintendo with this name: he is equipped with sensors that register its position and movements and translate this into movements of the characters. So, a player can complete a tennis match, by moving the controller like a tennis racket. The housing with compact 157 x 215 x 44 mm horizontally can be positioned as vertically. Cable salad avoids the radio control of the controller.

Since the Wii console is holding a constant Web connection to Nintendo, to update the software, a fast DSL connection is recommended. Usually, the games via the integrated optical drive is loaded. Alternatively, you can drag images, videos, games or music from an SD card. The Wii does not support HDTV, and you can’t play also DVDFilme with the console.

Zelda On Playing To Save The World

The Zelda games are so popular with gamers due to the good mix of action and solving various puzzles. The plot is always interesting and the playability has always set standards. The first part of this series appeared in 1986 in Japan, since this year and with each sequel, the legend of Zelda fan community is growing. The legend of Zelda is known as the first video game that has a battery in the game cartridge. Therefore, it was the first of all console games where you could store the scores.

A new game from the legend of Zelda series is announced now at 19, 2007 for all game fans in Europe: the legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The game is there for the Nintendo DS in the shop on and was already in Japan on June 23, 2007 publication has been. Meet a Ghost ship, together with their team in a deep fog as the two captains link and Tetra and Tetra is kidnapped. Link, however, falls into the sea and wake up later on an island. Now he embarks on a quest after Tetra and the Ghost ship.

He grabs a small steam boat is to save not only Tetra, but also the world firmly in the history The legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass can be played in pairs: A player controls the master link and must be in a room that resembles a maze, dodging several opponents and collect gems. Meanwhile, the other player pretends the movement range of the opponent on a map to link with the target. The multiplayer is via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, the online service of the Nintendo console () possible. Phantom Hourglass is a two-dimensional game. The so called cel-shading graphics style is based on the computer graphics. This included pictures and animations, which are represented in 3D form, a look that is reminiscent of comic or cartoon characters. You can exchange Zelda phantom hourglass (legend-of legend of Zelda-phantom-hourglass) already for 1.99 Euro against old games on More games of the legend of Zelda video game series found in the online shop on the trading platform for used video games

Gifts Tips Of The!

Consoles – the most popular packages under the ‘ Christmas tree Berlin, 04.12.2007 – has launched the first Christmas special to the 01/12. All helpless parents can now virtually consult and take the gifts tips of the shopping portal services. A simple feature allows even non-gamers to pick out Christmas gifts: Detailed game reviews the X-Mas-top seller, by and for parents. As electronics and entertainment products have taken the first place on the wish list. Especially popular this year: the Nintendo DS. A child-friendly product which serves different educational games, exciting games, and ease of use. The company Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft consoles are no less popular. The X-box 360 and the PlayStation 3 have unique advantages.

The latest games and top sellers appear on the home screen for best graphic conditions. Are you for Speed ProStreet so realistic, it is believed that almost, even the racers in need”to be. But what exactly is the secret for the feast of love 2007? Clearly, the Nintendo Wii! With the motto: Don’t tired bones alive, the console asserts itself as a sporting gun. Appeared in many console games are even athletes sweat. The remote sticks must be moved according to the person in the game to be played. Through this console comes movement in the video game, and is therefore highly recommended. Santa Claus comes so this year nor on Tony Hawk, Mario and Lara Croft passing like last year.

The Game

The main subjects – household. Actions of children are monotonous and often repeated. Roles are not marked. The children eagerly play with an adult. Individual game short. Typically, the incentive of the game is the toy or object-deputy, who had previously been used in the game. Second stage.

The main content of the game – the action of the subject. These actions are being deployed more fully and consistently in accordance with the role, which has already indicated word. The sequence of actions becomes the rule. Occurs first interaction between the participants on the basis of the total toy (or direction of action). Combining short-term. The main subjects – household. The same game can be repeated many times. Toys not chosen in advance, but children often use the same – your favorite.

The game may already be combined 2-3 people. The third stage. The main content of the game – as the actions of subjects. However, they are supplemented by actions aimed at establishing contacts with various partners in the game. Roles are clearly identified and allocated before the game. Toys and objects are selected (usually by During the game), in accordance with the role. Logic, the nature of action and their orientation are determined by the role. This is the basic rule. The game usually runs as a joint, although the interaction interspersed with parallel of partners, not related to each other, not correlated with the role. The game increases. Plots are becoming more diverse: children reflect daily life, work and bright adult social phenomena. Fourth stage. The main content of the game – a reflection of the relations and interactions of adults with each other. Subject games can be varied: she is determined not only direct but also indirect experiences of children. Games are collaborative, collective character. Associations are stable. They are under construction or on the children's interest in the same game, or based on personal sympathies and loyalties. Game one content is not only long-term repeated, but develop, enrich, there a long time. The game at this point stands out clearly preparatory work: the distribution of roles, the selection of game material, and sometimes its manufacturing (toys, DIY). Requirement compliance vital logic applies not only to action but also to all the actions and role behavior of participants. The game involved up to 5-6 people. The above-mentioned levels reflect the overall development of the subject-role-playing game However, in specific age groups adjacent levels coexist.