Hitchhiking Travel

This article focuses on this type of travel as hichhayking known to us as hitchhiking. Often, drivers, driving on the highway, see stopschikah lovers "freebies" and free travel. Some just do not pay attention and some pass by showing that he was "full", ie can not take passengers. But is this true? Very few people know that hitchhiking is – not always a cheap exercise, it is a very interesting way to learn life, and finally, that it – A way of thinking and lifestyle, which helps a wide variety of people believe in themselves and discover new facets of the mysteries of communication and achievement. Time of hitchhiking, and his story is in step with the history of vehicles.

One of the first enthusiasts were hitchhiking hippies. Money they had little, and hitchhiking to them was the only way to travel long distances. For the hippies, as now it was getting acquainted with interesting people and a way to get to know better the world. Hitchhiking in the former Soviet Union appeared not so long ago, but every day gets more and more fans. Hitchhiking has 3 main and sole ideological principle: Hichhayking – not free ride and not a "freebie".

The main thing in hitchhiking – mutual benefit. It does not matter osoznavaema this benefit or not, in any case – and the driver (the driver) and stopschik (stopper) receive communion (believe me, it is often interesting and cognitive!). For the driver, especially on long distances, communication – a way to break the monotony of the road, do not fall asleep at the wheel, find useful information about the trails and a small pouchavstvovat .Doverie – the basis of any human relationship.