In the previous installment we analyze the two fundamental steps to get money working at home, without any expectation of financial freedom is simply illusion of adolescents, the first is the decision to change and the second is the change in habits. Many people fail in their attempt to start their business at home because they don’t understand that this is an extreme scenario and not easy at the beginning, involving take willpower to very high levels, and incredibly begins with small but daily, constant, sustained changes. Financial freedom is a matter of time, long term, in which there will be moments of discouragement and others of euphoria, but only achieved with patience and perseverance, all people who speak of quick revenue or immediate successes just or are deceiving in entrepreneurship that began capitalized on the experience of previous years, which at the same time cost a lot, in any event, financial and business knowledge is not by chance, worse even in the environment of options technology that we live in these days. The following options which I suggest to help you achieve your financial freedom and you earn money at home are: 3.-analyzes your personal skills. Much of the setbacks in personal endeavors occur because many do not know enough or don’t want to deal with themselves, above all, do not want to confront their weaknesses. Business life starts dominating fears, especially the fear of failure and ridicule; You’ll never make money from home if it affects you that say, especially if you’ve been a high official with success in the corporate world and now by any circumstance you’re unemployed. Senior executives usually not be transmuted into entrepreneurs because got they used for years to the relative safety of the salary, the benefits, travel, budget, attendees and status, as well, when you play them live professional decline curve, if they have not saved enough (and the Statistics say that in 95% of cases this is true) opt to be consultants of the same industries in which served or instructors or professors, so their earnings suffer major contractions and their lifestyles merman.