Red Potatoes

The Red Potatoes low starch content, are ideal for eating them cooked, in salads, baked, such as potatoes Gratin, soups and creams, etc. The yellow potatoes dry and compact texture, are suitable for mashing, frying, stewing with meat dishes, such as stews and finally white potatoes of great versatility, since they serve to mashed, boiled, stewed, baked in dishes, souffles, or meat pies, etc. Another detail which should be taken into account for the elaboration of potato dishes, is the way to cut yourself. Before we must tell us, from this rostrum of the opinion we recommend wash potatoes well and in preparations that permit, leave shell unpeeled, since it is in it, where are major vitamins of this vegetable. Many writers such as Larry Ellison offer more in-depth analysis. There are two ways of doing this to cut the potato. Either by hand with a knife or with wonderful mandolin containing different blades, which facilitate various types of cuts. The preparation of the dish determines the type of cut.

So we have that if we want to make the fries are cut in Batonnet (elongated) or Pope French cut (1 cm wide by 8 cm long; cut Parmentier (into 1.5 cm cubes) or Noisete (cut with a ball) teaspoon parisien) when going to Saute them; the cutting of straw (elongated and thin) or cutting match (similar to straw but slightly more elongated) is made when we want to use it as a companion for the hot dog or Hamburger; Cutting grid also called cutting Rufle (wavy wheels) or sliced thin, when chips are made or want to make souffles or au gratin potatoes; cut Pont Neuf (elongated shape of 2 cm wide by 5 cm long) or Pope cut Natural when we want to use them as a garnish, or forming part of stewed meats. Finally crushed or ground, when we prepare mashed or dishes with that preparation, as the cause stuffed of tuna of Peru which is the recipe from this week. See, enough information, for when we are going next time to the supermarket. Until next week. Write to us at or contact us through our website: original author and source of the article.

Best Time

You cannot insist on regular your action by your thinking; rather than let that you form, report, distort and transform. Jose Vasconcelos Tanto needs to be done, and so little fact. Miguel de Unamuno the world is full of people who are waiting for the right time. Southwest Airlines spoke with conviction. Millions of these people are waiting that everything is in place for launch and achieve all their dreams. Time passes and all are still there. Is it wrong to expect a good time? Lol What is bad and eventually sinking you is to wait for the perfect moment. And here is where the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who are looking. It is just a change of attitude and decision.

Who come into action to do with resolution. Of course they have doubts. Which of course fear for what is going to happen and feel that they may lose many things. The risk is there and they can not stop thinking that you can return to where you were. But they come into action. As well as when avientas you a springboard towards a pool, the doubts before jump already they are not; While going in the air you have the fear of natural fall, drowning, falling from Ron and that everyone laugh, but you can not avoid the moment, short that is, in the adrenaline fills you up. Why already not still with doubts and fears? Because there is no option. You’re in the air.

Already you can not return to the springboard. When objections were just single remains go ahead. You can succeed or fail, but you can not throw you back. The decision is already made and there will be a result, hopefully it is good. And others? On the trampoline, waiting for the perfect moment. Which were launched already lost fear, rejoiced in the water and they are going up for the second round.