Paronite Properties

Asbestos and asbestos-free gasket materials such as paronite – a cushioning sheet material, which is made from a mixture of asbestos fibers and various fillers, synthetic rubbers and vulcanizing agents. Paronite sheet mostly used for sealing of detachable connections, including flanges, experiencing constant influence of aggressive media and high temperature. Possible applications paronita wide enough, it is used in various fields of economy: oil and chemical industry, machinery and electricity. In industry, the most frequently used paronite sheet with a thickness of 0.4 mm to 6 mm. Directly paronite sheet, as well as laying out of it, used as insulating material in the manufacture of parts with high heat resistance and . Also, leaf paronite (electrons) are often used in the manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus. Elektronita density varies from 1,5 to 1,8 g/cm3.

Paronite plate – elastic material, well amenable to punching. Electrons is not prone to deformation under long-term storage is not exposed to bacteria and mold, it is for these reasons, it is applied in areas of both temperate and tropical climates. Performance Properties elektronita remain under the influence of ambient temperature from – 50 C to +490 C. High-quality sheet paronita determined by bending a sheet – he would not break or crack. Paronite mon (paronite general-purpose) is commonly used as seal stationary parts that are in different environments. All the diverse types of paronita its quality characteristics meet the requirements of gost 481-80. It must be noted that paronite mon applied in different working environments: liquid and gaseous ammonia, liquid oxygen, salt solutions, as well as in the presence of petroleum products. Produced some subspecies paronita Pont, who used to work in very harsh conditions, that is susceptible to various adverse environments.

Paronite MON-A, for example, are used for sealing joints parts of equipment operating in superheated water, hot steam and aqueous solutions of various salts. Paronite MON-B is frequently used as packing material in the equipment and pipelines, not only in superheated water and saturated steam, but in all kinds of inert, dry and neutral gases. Paronite MON-In is used as a sealant. This subspecies paronita as well withstands the vapors of mineral oils. Paronite pmb is used as a cushioning material in compressors, parts of internal combustion engines, industrial units, connected by pipelines. It retains its properties under the influence of heavy and light oil products, as well as environment with excess oxygen and nitrogen. Industry also produced a kind paronita PMB-1, intended for sealing joints parts of equipment and pipelines in sea water and fluid chd. It is also used for sealing pipe connections, parts of internal combustion engines. For more specific information, check out Tiger Global. Produced several different varieties paronita sheet, intended for use in hostile environments (acid and alkaline). This paronite Acid and elekrolizerny.

Advertising on Plastic Boxes

Almost any advertising on the plastic boxes you will hear the allegation that the construction is very ergonomic and do not require some special care. Emphasis is also placed on the fact that pvc windows are not necessary to repair, and They last for decades. Some truth in all this is, however, repair of windows still have to do from time to time, even if only due to the fact that they sometimes do not operate properly. Repair of plastic windows can need for a variety of reasons. Firstly, on similar designs may have a negative impact condensate. Theoretically, excessive moisture should be eliminated through votootvodnye holes, but if it does not, then have to eliminate this defect.

But if the condensate is formed due to improperly matched the thickness of the glass, then there is nothing to do can not help but replacement pvc windows. When the air humidity is sometimes on the windows forms a fungus. From him it is necessary to get rid of, and find out the cause of. Usually, such problems may arise in designs that are closer to the basement. In general, the plastic – not place for the existence of mold and mildew and the last is not very well get accustomed to this material. When the sash windows are beginning to sag, but it can happen for various reasons, it is also necessary to repair work. For small deformations, it suffices to replace only the hardware, if the bias is strongly evident, the need to remake the entire leaf. The truth has to do not like that often, mainly due to bugs committed by the master during the installation window.

Another problem that requires surgical intervention may be that pvc windows will not sufficiently tight. Faulty profile due to temperature fluctuations can warp and where once there were no gaps, can now walk the wind. Usually when you install windows using the rubber gasket, but if the latter have deteriorated (for example, crumbled), then it must be replaced. Must also check the seams and seal them again if necessary. Any window can be broken, even those that are created from specially hardened materials. And if it happened, and the glass cracks, then no repair here also can not do. After all, even a slight deformation leads to the fact that the tightness of pvc windows is lost in the cracks stuffed street dust in these conditions may begin to grow bacteria. I usually windows entirely. With a professional approach, such a procedure not take much time. With intensive use of windows of the hardware design can quickly come into disrepair, especially if it is connected with the fact that during the closing of window elements accidentally get items that they distort. Sometimes the hardware may be defective, such as rust. Then also need to replace such parts of window block.

Production Of Metal Ducts

Ducts of black and galvanized steel sheet hot-rolled (cold) in diameter or larger in size by up to 2000 mm inclusive. manufacture of spiral-palace or longitudinal seam on seam, spirally welded longitudinally to the welding, and air ducts having a diameter or size greater part of more than 2000 mm – panel (welded, kleesvarnymi). Ducts are made of metal-on rebate, and stainless steel, titanium and its alloys, aluminum sheet metal and its alloys – for welding or seam. Flexible ducts are made of aluminum and steel. In the manufacture of welded duct with a longitudinal eyelet must apply seam welding. Ducts are made of two classes: P – dense, N – normal. Sheet metal thickness of less than 1.5 mm should be welded lap, and a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm – butt or lap. Sheet metal thicker than 2 mm must be welded back to back.

For welded joints straight sections and fittings ducts, which are produced from the black hot-rolled steel sheet (cold) and stainless steel, used The following welding methods: – plasma – automatic and semiautomatic arc submerged arc or inert gas – contact – roller – mma. For welding of air produced from sheet aluminum and its alloys, it should apply the following welding methods: – tig automatic – mag – tig manual – non-consumable electrode with the filler wire – gas. For welding ducts of titanium and its alloys are used argon-arc welding consumable electrode. Ducts made of sheet aluminum and its alloys with thickness up to 1.5 mm should be manufac-Lebanon in rebate. Longitudinal folds in ducts of sheet roof and stainless steel and aluminum sheet in diameter or larger size of 500 mm or more should be fixed at the beginning and end of the link duct spot welding, rivets.

Folds on air for any thickness of metal and method of manufacture must be satisfied cut-off. Folded seams must be the same width throughout the length and must be uniformly dense deposition. In the folded ducts, as well as nesting should not be cross-connections seams. On straight ducts of rectangular cross section when the amount of cross-section of more than 400 mm to increase the rigidity of the ridge should be performed increments from 200 to 300 mm along the perimeter of the duct or diagonal creases (ridges). When the amount of cross-section of more than 1000 mm, but it is necessary to provide external frame rigidity. Frame rigidity should be secured spot welding or rivets. Elements of the fittings should be connected to each other on zigah, rebate, welding, rivets and the way (indentation). Elements of fittings of metal-base should be connected between a rebate on. Zigovye connections to systems transporting air humidity or doped with combustible dust is not allowed.


Name of the material comes from its structure, it resembles cell (cells) is manufactured in the form of plastic sheeting. At the core of polycarbonate are polymers. The use of polycarbonate is widely, but the main , the material is made for the following areas: making it transparent, but light and safe roofs. It is worth noting that the developers did their best to combine all these characteristics in one material. Want see an example? Glass inherent weight, which is (more than 10 times) than the weight of polycarbonate.

Shock that weight has no effect, the fact that the material is very durable, so that the glass compare with him in This indicator can not – settings safety glass is 50 times smaller. Thermal insulation is also not far behind, they are so high that they can be compared only to that of the parameters of this index in glass, with hardness of this material allows no problem to withstand snow and wind loads. The choice of buyers are offered two options for polycarbonate: it is available, or a flat or arched. Light weight makes opportunity to construct the roof structure of a material lighter than say, for roofs covered with slate, which, naturally, can not affect the cost of the roof. Above all, you can use a mounting profile of the plastic or aluminum, which means that installation will be faster and certainly more comfortable.

The main areas where the use of polycarbonate is most urgent – is the creation of a roof (in swimming pools, stadiums and markets) production of advertising, which is outside nature, creating canopies, light boxes. Through this material, you can glaze the surface (vertical), walls (transparent), walls, greenhouses, orchards (winter) greenhouse roof. Finally, we note if you are looking for a roofing material with excellent sound insulation, the polycarbonate is suitable as well as possible and the temperature of -40 C to +120 C will not harm the mechanical characteristics. If polycarbonate is equipped with uv protection, it is the best option for long-term outdoor use.

The Operation

Attempts to save on butyl extruder led to the emergence of various substityutov: butyl cord sticky tape or aluminum range with a pre-deposited layer of butyl. All these methods have limited use for several reasons: * Low productivity * Increased cost of components (butyl cord distance with a pre-deposited layer of butyl); * poor quality of the finished glass (tape). The main function of the second layer of containment – the tradition of double-glazed windows of the strength properties. It should be remember that windows during the operation are subject to wind, thermal, vibration, and so forth influences. Secondary circuit, along with durability and elasticity should have to compensate for the higher these effects. Currently, the following types of secondary sealants: * hotmelty * Polyurethane * polysulfides (Thiokol) * silicones.

Hotmeltami sealing technologies were widely circulated in Europe in the 70 early 80-ies. Made on the basis hotmelty is a single component thermosetting compositions are reversibly softens under heat and solidifying in the cold), for example, behaves construction bitumen. Hotmelta obvious advantages – cheap, simple, machine design process, the possibility of re-use in the production process waste materials, a short time curing sealant application (measured in minutes). For application hotmeltov used hotmelt extruder representing heated to 170-190 'with heated tank, from which the pipeline is fed by termoizoliruemomu melt hotmelta (5000-15000 euros). Hotmelty packages are available from 1,5 to 50 kilograms, intended for different machines. Main packing a 6-pound block of x x. However, thermosetting properties hotmelta lead to the following consequences: when heated in the sun softening the sealant layer leads to a deterioration of mechanical properties of glass.