Code Application

38 of the Code provides that in case of resignation at his own request due to the inability to continue to work, the employer must make a dismissal of the term, which asks the worker. The grounds for such dismissal are moving to a new place of residence, translated the husband or wife to work in another country, enroll in school, inability to stay in this area, confirmed by medical examination, pregnancy, care for children up to fourteen years of age or a disabled child, care for sick family member, according to medical opinion or disability group I; retirement, recruitment in the contest, as well as for other valid reasons. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. In my opinion, the most universal is the foundation of moving to a new residence. After all, most of us have relatives or close friends living outside the locality where the enterprise is located. In addition, any supporting documents submitted to the employer is not required. Therefore, the application for dismissal employee may be linked to inability to continue working due to a move to another place. Southwest Airlines can provide more clarity in the matter. At the same time remember that the plan to move to another location and actually move in with him, it’s two different things.

A plans for all people often vary:) The application for dismissal may also contain information about the employee’s bank account on which the employer must make payments at dismissal. Also, I recommend that application for dismissal of an employee requesting to send a work book by mail, delivery and inventory investment for a new mailing address of the employee (paragraph 4.2 of the Instruction on the procedure of work books from 29.07.1993 58 years). Of course, receive severance entitlements and work book can be personally, but I once witnessed the fact that heads of enterprises or deliberately delayed to address this issue or to ignore all requirements of the employee. Application for dismissal must be submitted in two copies, one for another employer for the employee. In this case, for instance, the employee must put the imprint of the corner of the stamp or seal enterprise, and the incoming number and date of receipt of the request for dismissal.

If, once the company did not, keep your documents do not, because they can then use to the detriment of the employee. In It is better to submit an application for dismissal registered letter with the list of contents, and return receipt requested. This will provide proof of delivery to the employer to dismiss the application and will save employee of the many possible unpleasant situations associated with the dismissal.

Statute Of Limitations

Limitation Period for repayment of the Roman law meant the possibility of procedural protection of the rights due to the fact that over time this protection has not been implemented by the person concerned. Classic Roman law up to V. knew only the legal deadlines for certain actions. Under the current legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at implementing the action by citizens and organizations providing, inter alia, the Civil Procedure Code, the Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian rights to judicial protection. How to provide art.

3 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, Art. APC 4 '… the person concerned may appeal to court … for protection of their violated or contested legitimate rights and interests … ' Arbitration courts are obliged to settle the case not only correct but also timely. Violations of rights or legitimate interests in the court must find a quick defense that promotes real execution of the decision of the court decision. So it is said to in Articles 6 and 113 of the APC.

According to the Civil Code defined the statute of limitations for the protection of the violated or disputed rights in court. Limitation of actions considered the term to protect the rights of claim of the person whose right has been violated. Therefore, when applying to the arbitration court for the protection of the violated right to check, if missing the statute of limitations established by law for the protection of the law. The general limitation period set at three years.

German Documents

The seriousness and attentiveness to this stage will help to develop the perfect tactics in court. In the process, carefully consider banking, payment invoices, receipts, receipts, etc. In the pre-trial stage, may peace agreement between the parties, subject to full repayment of the accused party. This practice is most often because both sides are well aware of money wasted in a losing cause. 3.

Trial phase. The last crucial step – just a hearing or a series of court hearings, as processes can take years. Necessary documents to start the collection procedure must have a list of documents Otherwise, the process will not be given the green light. The documents may include the following: 1. Documents certifying the debt. 2.

Documents reflecting the actual amount of debt. 3. Documents proving their adoption action by the creditor in order to make the return of funds. These documents include: – Contract – additions and amendments to contracts – acts of acceptance – receipts – money orders – accounts – letters to the debtor in any form – waybills – receipts – bank bills – a receipt for payment in cash. Frequently asked questions on debt repayment in Germany 1. Who bears the costs of attorneys' fees and court costs most court proceedings? Must a losing party bear the costs? Most court proceedings in the German courts total costs (legal fees and costs of lawyer) is the loser. At necessary costs can be shared between winners and losers in the shares of the parties.