View the Stars

One of the activities I enjoy most is the walk. Sometimes I leave the house just to walk around the colony where I live, thinking, seeing, breathing … the latter in the morning, when I can breathe a little bit of air pollution. One afternoon I went to pay some bills at a mall, which is approximately 25 minutes walk from my house. Upon his return, as at about 6 pm, I noticed that the sky was a little darkened, some stars should have appeared and I could not see them (other activity that I enjoy) because of the cloud mantle half orange, half red. But to go through the humble homes of children who were playing to throw a ball, one on the other drew attention to his discovery: "Look, a star" – he said.

Then I thought: "If the child has witnessed a star despite the cloudy, why I have not seen any yet?" I kept walking, thinking, but I decided I would try to see what the boy had seen, and just raise my look at the sky, a tiny clear that opened in the clouds, I saw a star. That afternoon I learned a valuable lesson: We can see our own star, despite the problems we face, if only we refuse to resign. Giving is one of those temptations that come with all sorts of justifications, on the one hand and on the other, is presented as the best option rather than face a failure (although the reality is that giving up is worse than failure).