To make winter-fit your car if a motorist wants to prepare his car for the winter, so he thinks good tips most immediately on winter tires. This is of course also perfectly logical when snowfall and frost through ice. Would a driver driving the summer tires in the winter, this would be completely negligent and even life-threatening circumstances. Therefore, motorists should already change winter tires in the fall. This should be sure that the tires have a very good quality, here would be definitely saved in the wrong place.

Experienced drivers the tire change himself, if but if one has no confidence in his own abilities or want to go on a “Certain number”, so should you drive to the next workshop. It has absolutely no effort: the car is brought to the workshop, the workshop buy tyres and calls the vehicle owner, when the tires are replaced. The only thing speaks against it, is the price. This is of course quite high in the workshop, as the technicians are paid must. If the tires are not enough however, even snow chains must be purchased. On these you can go only up to 50 kilometres per hour, for this can we not remain however in the snow.But apart from changing tires, there are other things that need to be considered: on the one hand, antifreeze must be given to the fluid for the windshield wipers. Depending on the climate zone it is enough if the antifreeze goes up to-20, in Arctic regions you must however access to more powerful means.

The antifreeze must be given also to the cooler liquid. If you have a private car park (no matter whether private or professional), the driver must ensure that the parking sign is cleaned. This means that the snow must be swept off, so is apparent, the parking lot is reserved for who. Also an ice scraper is very useful in the winter. This should already be bought in the autumn, because you otherwise run the risk, in the winter to get cold fingers. With the ice scraper can the driver – as the name already says – scrape the ice from the windshield to improve visibility. Also a hand broom is essential in the winter: in winter, a snow-laden roof is a source of danger, which turn it is.