Construction Skills

Our words have built an inner reality that can only be confirmed by his conduct. The result is dissatisfaction of everything he does, no matter what, at the end he or she feels inadequate. By contrast, if a child is formed in the adulation of taking into account only what is good, his internal compass is oriented skills and abilities, however, there is also an imbalance. The grow boy thinking, thinking, feeling, that everything that he or she is doing is right, all right. Big mistake, we are, we build narcissistic beings, with inflated egos who believe their way in the world is bright, anything seems little, always feel that the world needs to adapt to their qualities. It represents a serious problem in the construction of an identity that is strong enough to live in a social reality.

Undoubtedly it is much more encouraging to grow in an environment in which praise the strengths and skills that are reinforced and encouraged in line with reality, but according to personal experience. That is, if a child has skills for the arts, promote their interest, that science itself is to be aware of this, or perhaps for public relations or sales, hence the interest focus. Human realities and human lives as I refer to what each person has their individuality rather than what we expect of them. Unfortunately we build others: our children, our parents, partners, friends, employment and social fields, according to what we take for granted to them or them, that is, according to our expectations.