Game Counterstrike

Many no doubt closely watched this movie, although not all understood correctly, that jump out of the Matrix arrange and cs. Of course, not immediately taken into account for what, and patterns of terrorists have this animation! All quite simple and is done in a duet uniquely simple steps and a couple of minutes workout. And so here we go: 1) go to cs. Of course, creating a cold-blooded, or that de_kartu and go for the terrorists. However, Note: Making such I tried to jump in cold blood on the Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6, as we have said, I consciously think, this will come quickly in all versions, though unlikely below 1.5 some coolly playing =.

2) You need to be a bomb. 3) For the jump should have at least some weapon besides a knife. Means to suddenly shoot a couple rounds and the addition of an exchange. 4) The charge to switch to the bomb. Maybe because you have to really hang on the Q key Quickly switching between bomb and reloads his weapon or otherwise your gun. 5) Next, pick a catchy place to jump and usually invite a wide staring at you from the side.

Also when the very best place final chosen with the help of Q give the revolver, although hampered it recharged quickly, all with the same keys Q, switch to a bomb and jumps. Seemed to switch from reloads his weapon on the bomb is actually at the same time to jump. Of course the difference with taking the bomb and a jump – of a second, though still the bomb should be carefully taken early. However, that’s roughly strictly speaking it. In any case when you have a decently appear opportunity to ride both on the first try, but it successfully through a single, then for the effective way to jump on lamakov with drawers. May also be plausible comes to gravity. But is it worth for a long time to keep in mind that you yourself the leap alone will not see just quietly watching you from the side.