Formula 1 – is the pinnacle of motorsport, it’s boiling emotions. Formula 1 is a testing ground for testing new technologies in conventional cars. It was there that first appear different innovations. F1 first appeared in 1950 year. More precisely then began the series championship, now is the pinnacle of motorsport in the world. Racers from other series such as GP2, f2, f3 Formula Renault, BMW and others as the most important thing in my career to get into Formula 1.

F1 very popular in many countries. Sposory pay more teams that would have their logos on the car team. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow will not settle for partial explanations. Lines give the owners a lot of money for billboards gigantstkie placed on the track. Formula 1 is big circulation of money. Formula 1 team will get 50% of profits from television, another 30% goes to the development of Formula 1 and the remaining 20% of Bernie Ecclestone. Formula 1 collects a number of fans that can be compared only with number of spectators at the Olympic Games. Although F1 is more television sports.

I think many would agree that a formula-one they choose to watch on TV, with replays and other services. But the mere presence at such an event atmosphere of this event and the roar of engines gives you the adrenaline, as if you are behind the wheel of this car. In the beginning of Formula 1 racing driver Fangio won five league titles and a long time nobody could beat that record, but in 1994 Michael Schumacher to win his championship title, and in the next 10 years, he managed to become seven-time world champion. Michael belongs to the large number of records in Formula 1. But the most important of course is his seven titles. Be can anything else beat that record ..

Life Stem

Santiago child entered the month of life in a hospital with a severe and rare hereditary disorder of the immune system that left her totally unprotected body against any disease. The condition is caused by a defect of the antigens HLA class 2, which are molecules essential to trigger the immune system. The first doctors who attended him did not give more than a few weeks of life and proceeded to transfer him to the Garrahan hospital, in the capital of argentina. A month of life we receive to Santiago derived from a hospital in Jujuy, where his family lives and confirm the diagnosis of primary combined immunodeficiency hereditary, explained Dr. Bonduel. Source: Gary Kelly. In view of the results, the responsible intervention specialist decided to resort to an innovative method. Be injected the blood directly through the jugular, so that the stem cells traveled through the bloodstream and implanted in a natural way in the bone marrow of the small. After this type processes, cells settle and begin to proliferate and differentiate themselves, i.e., to produce two hematopoietic cell lines: one, that will be responsible for producing white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, and the other, the populations of lymphocytes.

This transplantation is the alternative therapy that we can now offer ultimately are in the most delicate stage: we should check if new cells can rebuild lymphocytes that will organize a normal immune response, said the specialist after the intervention. With this new intervention, and waiting to see how the baby develops in the coming weeks, again demonstrating the greater viability of adult stem cells or umbilical cord against the use of embryonic stem cells, without therapeutic results to date. About IVIDA IVIDA born in 2009 and belongs to the IVI, the leading medical institution in Europe in assisted reproduction group. IVIDA collects, processes, Cryo-preserved and stored stem cells from the blood of Umbilical cord (SCU) for the treatment of various diseases such as lymphomas, leukemias and anemias, with the guarantee that will be entirely managed by employees of the company, thus ensuring their traceability and complete control on the process.

Katsuhika Hokusai Sobre

Seventy-three realized more or less the structure of the true nature, plants, trees, birds, fish and insects. Consequently, the eighties have made still more progress. To the nineties I penetrare in the mystery of things; per hundred, habre decidedly reached a degree of childbirth and when I have one hundred and ten years, for me, either a point or a line, everything will be vivid. Katsuhika Hokusai Sobre this topic, the written expression, it happens the same thing when we try to interpret children’s drawings, which experience indicates, is that when we look at the work of a child, the best It is asking him about various elements that appear in his work, rather than committing the awkwardness of trying to guess telling him what we believe us that the wanted to communicate. Most likely, when we tried to lead us with stupidity, is that child us correct and show us with child sufficiency, that we know nothing of what he has wanted to express. When I write, usually narrative situations lived very intensely, items that appear on my descriptive stage, do not always have the expressive quality that subject to narrate deserves, there is that they appear in the eyes of the reader, my scribbles, with whom I intend to draw the lines that give shape and figure to the experience which I intend to translate into account.

A writer is a Prophet in the world that describes, without doubt the content of his story is the result of inspiration, and that special State of perception can only be reached through divine intervention, there is a burning Bush on top of our path, us We conduct stripped of our earthly shoes, to attend the presence of exalted, surrounded by the muses that we whisper in your ear. Would never use in my story improvisation, because that is the deceptive shortcut which pass the vain, those who collect seeds that have fallen into the edges of the road, those that germinate on the surface its ephemeral and petty fruit. The seed whose fruit remains, germinates deep in fertile land, whose bowels have to dig with love and tenacity, that’s the seed that produces the inspiration, the food that nourishes the soul of every creator, be it an artist, a musician, a painter, a poet, or a simple garabateador of roles like me. Hugo W Arostegui original author and source of the article.


If the reader by the theme, already in the first instance, considered that it fell in a world, in general, unknown, yet its formal layout and its generic registration makes more strange as presented on the cover. Interestingly, there are two parallel editions of this book. In some female Version is read and the other, male Version. While they differ in some lines, together they form the absolute truth, all true and allow what the writer called the Adam of the Kabbalists. Your body is the universe. The dictionary Khazar is presented to the reader already since the break, since the hybridity in every way. With the passage of the reading, the reader learns to collaborate with and to use the dictionary from another place.

Lost you the fear, but not amazement. Because if something is fed into whoever reads their sense of wonder while the book is becomes complex and nourished. History, religion and fiction blur their boundaries and merge among themselves, but also make it with elements of different nature. For example, the three are worked from the fusion of different genres (fairy tale, of mystery, detective, to name a few). Each of them expands, manifested in genres that they respond to their demands.

I.e. religion moves inside the dogmatic tone, the story requires a documentary framework, sources and witnesses, fiction wanders between the tale, legend and the novel. However, the boundaries are becoming more and more diffuse. You have to think that the total given by the generic hybridity complicates also by the fact that the callout that gathers and where, in turn, everything explodes is dictionary. Everything mingles and becomes one, or, better, multiple. The look is that choose what to read, which is allowed to be conquered by the letters, confusing things, creating others, always different, giving your own version. And, precisely, in continuous and unceasing evolution is that all versions are supported. Because reading is reading of versions.


Palmares continued to struggle even after the victory of the Netherlands. Dutch attempt to pacify the rebels, sent to the Palmares expedition experienced and well-armed soldiers with a bang failed because the Africans invented the martial art which was called "jungle fighting", they staged an ambush – and Capoeira is a key component of these sudden attacks. Capoeira as a weapon and a symbol freedom of the Africans managed to inflict considerable damage to the Dutch forces, due to sudden and unpredictable movements. And even when the Dutch campaign yet ended in victory, returned to the plantation slaves retained their martial art and taught him his comrades. On Sundays, the slaves were engaged in capoeira, masking the deadly martial art with dance, music, song and ritual. Over the next twenty-five years in the colonies broke eleven rebellions, and May 13, 1888 slavery abolished. After the cancellation of some slaves who knew capoeira hired bodyguards for politicians.

By the beginning of the 90s of the XIX century some very influential members of high society were capoeira. Sensing danger, the government organized a special unit to monitor the situation, and failing, they have introduced a strict system of punitive measures to put an end to this martial art. Litecoin understood the implications. Was later adopted even more stringent law under which any person, known as capoeiristas, subject to expatriation. Implementation of law enforcement was requested ruthless police chief named Sampaio. Fine owning the techniques of capoeira, Sampaio headed the special unit of the same trained fighters. However, capoeira provided strong resistance and received support from many senior officials, so Sampaio not cope with task.

Among the other subversive activities, these events led to the formation of black militia, mostly capoeira, who spoke in opposition to the president and did not respond to police control. It Then the war with Paraguay, and the militia sent to the front, from where they returned as national heroes. A law banning capoeira, abolished in 1920, but the art itself has taken the guise of folk dance, becoming a more acceptable for society. However, still had to hide from the police, and each capoeirista could be up to three nicknames. In 1937, the President invited Mestre Bimba to demonstrate their art in the capital. Representation proved so successful that Mestre won government permission to open the first capoeira school in Brazil. The years passed and the Senate passed a bill proclaiming Capoeira the national sport. Today capoeira ingrained in Brazilian culture and entered not into one corner of the world.


, Mercury received the highest marks for two-stroke engines with direct injection in a study conducted by the American consumer research center JD Power and Associates. The study was based on the opinion about nine thousand respondents, as well as on feedback from buyers of boats of the last two years, which compared the three most popular models of two-stroke engines with direct injection. OptiMax engines are made at the headquarters of Mercury Marine, located in the city of Fond du Onion (U.S.). The family includes twelve OptiMax engines ranging from 75 to 300 horsepower. The engines are controlled with modern on-board computers. Optimax injectors inject the fuel mixture after the closing valves in the top of the cylinder, causing the fuel is burned completely in a very short period of time. As a result, achieved a major fuel economy, maximum power for engines with a cylinder capacity data, and also complied with all requirements for releases into the environment. Direct injection engines inject oil separately, and only when really necessary.

According to the respondents in the survey, with data engines, there are much fewer problems than many other engines, they are quite powerful, reliable and easy to maintain. OptiMax engines just become famous all over the world thanks to its proprietary reliability and excellent performance in power. This award for the OptiMax engines MercuryMarine company receives is not the first time. OptiMax engines purchased in Russia can be a regional dealers “Vita-motors”. Get professional consultation can be as dealers and in the company’s head officeLLC “Vita-Motors” was founded on February 28, 2002 Since then, the “Vita-Motors” is the authorized distributor of Brunswick Marine in EMEA on the Urals: in Sverdlovsk, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg and Kurgan regions. And on June 7, 2007, the territory of the zone of responsibility of “Vita-motors” further expanded – added Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets. Throughout this vast territory LLC “Vita Motors’ imports and markets a complete range of outboard motors Mercury, which is the widest range that can satisfy all customer needs, Motor power ranges from 2.5 to 300 hp In addition, “Vita-motors” has been supplying stationary diesel and gasoline engines MerCruiser, electric outboard motors Motorguide, PVC inflatable boats Quicksilver, plastic boats Quicksilver and Uttern, as well as spare parts, accessories, propellers, oils and chemicals Quicksilver. Today the company is “Vita-Motors” is the only distribution center Quicksilver and Uttern from Ufa and Vladivostok. Company “Vita-motors” offers a truly cost-effective solutions: the shortest possible delivery time, the system of warranty and after warranty service, self-selected and therefore the timing margin payment, the actual warehouse stock of products, the annual training of technical personnel and corrupt dealers, common advertising policy in the region.

Output Power At Two

In this topic, I want to describe how you can learn to do the power outputs on two hands. And so we need to catch up with it at least 10 times better than 15 well, although there are some people who can pull himself up to 10 times and do 10 outputs power, and there such who pulled 50 times and never could do. We need to learn to make sure outputs on one hand and the second (I think it's not easily be tightened if 15raz). And now the most important thing you need to be tightened as possible (up to chest and above) and faster on the maximum amount of time, of course at once so do not get to train constantly. You can also do push-ups on the bar-ups, well, if you are doing on the bars, it is not necessary. Once we learn to catch up to his chest at least a couple of times to the very last moment throw both hands into the boxes at the very beginning you can help yourself to jerk his feet, etc. In the middle of basic training and you have to leave it up to months, but remember to clean out a month to learn the two are not really (IMHO) it will yield but clumsy.

And so when we learned to make at least 2.3 out of force necessary to switch to clean, that is not twitch do not help themselves down, and as yet to carry it to perfection and at the same time the number can be trained. On it you will go up 2 to 3 months. Now you are ready to work with weights, I used to do this special weighting to the legs with Velcro to 4kg. After such training, you will not yield to two a 'boom'. You can also try to exit from the corner, etc. And so the slow output power (one of the most complex power components on the horizontal bar), if the previous output from the greater part are made at the expense of speed (dynamic strength), then here's a little wrong. The only way you can learn this way is a slow descent down all the way from pressing the breast to the neck, and of course to try, also available at Dips slow to do so much easier because Brushes are in the same situation and even the bar can not prevent bulge forward. It seems everything that I wanted to write, I want to add in an ideal way for two must be done quickly and without jerking beautiful, must not be touched and filled up on the fingerboard.