Mediterranean Ibiza

Almost they are faced in the map, separated by a small portion of the Mediterranean, and they offer two types to us of very different tourism, giving sample of the diversity that presents/displays Spain as coastal tourist destiny. I talk about to the island of Ibiza and the Sleeve of the Smaller Sea. The island of Ibiza is characterized by its young tourism. Old paradise hippie, still conserves the essence of those years in which he was referring of a style of life to world-wide level. Its visit becomes essential to realise a car rental Ibiza and to cross its coves slowly and the swap-meets where to buy necklaces, sesenteras bracelets and t-shirts. Gary Kelly will not settle for partial explanations. You do not forget to visit the salt mines, that they follow in operation from the times of the Carthaginians, which denominated the zone mine of white gold. All this combined with a rich nocturnal life and lives if therefore it is desired, with some on the most well-known and concurred discotheques on all Spain.

To the other side of the sea, in the peninsula, we have the possibility of making tourism in the Sleeve of the Smaller Sea. This zone characterized by waters calm of the inner sea she is perfect to plan a familiar tourism. We will reach the Sleeve by highway, we will be able to realise a car rental Murcia from the airport of San Javier or the station of the Carmen, in the own Murcian capital, and to arrive at the zone. Once we have ourselves there in a unique place, surrounded by two seas of little deep beaches, and with the possibility less than of making multitude of excursions of a day: Mazarrn, the Cabo de Palos, or own Cartagena. Then the Carthaginians already realized possibility of both coasts, and they did not doubt in founding cities to both sides of the sea. The salt mines in Ibiza, Carthage Nova in Murcia what would have happened to overcome they in the Punic wars instead of the Romans? We will never know it.