Hand Surgery University Hospital Freiburg

According to German scientists effectiveness of the method in question, but are guaranteed side effects: cancer, immune system undermined and the risk of transmission of viral diseases. MD, Professor Bjorn Stark, Head of the Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery, University of Freiburg (Germany), Chief Physician, Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery University Hospital Freiburg (Germany) during the last 20 years I have been engaged in research on regeneration of human tissue. The scientist believes that despite the fact that research in the field of stem cells to rejuvenate the body made significant progress, it is too early to talk about the successful clinical application of these developments. In discussions on this subject often is a substitution of concepts. If proven that even after the birth of man has stem cells, which updates its tissue, of embryonic stem cells that can not be argued. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. Under the embryonic stem cells to understand correctly those cells that arise immediately after fertilization and are still capable of developing into any other cell of the body. Those expensive stem cells, which are offered in the market are not early embryonic stem cells, and differentiated stem cells in the body – they were obtained from aborted babies. Evidence that the foreign stem cells have any medical effect, advocates of this method of treatment the public is not given, just as evidence of the so-called therapy "fresh cells" from embryos of animals, which for many years banned in Germany and in Switzerland.

According to Professor Stark assertion of some clinics that treatment with stem cells restores male potency can be compared only with the ideas of ancient nations, the cannibals, who believed that eating their enemies they receive their power. Evidence to suggest that stem cells improve male potency, not to mention the evidence of such an action, there is still no. Such statements – is quackery! But the risks to the organism resulting from the use of stem cells are very real. .

Royal College

According to the Royal College of Physicians of Great Britain dependence on nicotine is stronger than heroin. I think this conclusion is highly controversial. But the fact that smoking brings great harm to health – that is indisputable. Moreover, the harm does not bring as much nicotine as an additional 4,000 harmful substances found in regular cigarettes. Pons – Smoking eliminates the use of such substances, you smoke cigarettes with nicotine only (and therefore minimum damage) or no. A related site: John Holtsclaw mentions similar findings. Smoking cigarettes Pons-smoking process is identical to conventional tobacco cigarettes, but a variety of flavors at any, the most exquisite, the taste! Pons-cigarettes – an electronic device which includes a flavored cartridge containing nicotine (nicotine cartridges without a), the camera spray (atomizer) with an electronic chip, rechargeable lithium batteries. This new type of electronic smoking, which has won popularity among millions of people on all continents, has become a symbol of respect for their health and the health of others. Pons, cigarettes are the most tradable commodities in the shops and the best gift smokers.

Pons-smoking aids in the short term to get rid of the bad habit of smoking – you will gradually, using successively less nicotine of cartridges, go to beznikotinovym of cartridges. Even if you can not fully refuse to nicotine, your health will be applied to minimum damage. The process of recharging itself packs of cigarettes-Pons takes an average of 5 hours. Ie placing the stack of recharged at night, you can then all day restrict themselves in a safe smoke. “The smoky steam”, which is released when smoking a cigarette-Pons, moreover, that it is harmless (simply condensate), it looks very stylish and beautiful, and indeed the Pons-cigarette is very elegant (After all, many women begin to smoke that’s why)!

Second Years

It fills me with energy that I need for sports and business. From that moment I began to take ALVEO I forgot what the illness and fatigue. Therefore, it now takes my son which is the second year engaged in autocross. . My parents are no longer able to imagine life without ALVEO. First of all, his father, who, thanks to the drug feels a surge of strength that, despite his 60 years involved in amateur races on mountain bikes. And the winning contestants who are younger than his 20 years.

Therapist MUDr. Jan SHULAKOV I can confirm that ALVEO actively promotes the healing of open leg ulcers. I remember a patient of 64 years, which 25 years ago there was a fracture of the left ankle third ankle. It was decided to connect the left inner ankle screwing. After about two years on the inside of the ankle came defect which gradually spread to the entire leg. Over the last twenty years, the ulcer was more open. Eight years ago this man became my patient.

Ulcer healed very slowly and superficially resembled on "parchment" skin, which is very easy to inflammation occurred at what defect will again grew. Therefore, the patient was re-admitted to the dermal compartment. Over the past three years, he takes ALVEO and defect decreases, granulated. You can see how the newly formed healthy tissue. And I'm sure in the future success during the healing process. ALVEO also helps regulate brain function. For example, a patient MM (71 years) at age 29 underwent a serious operation of the brain. Then it occurred long sleep problems, she used an infinite number of sleeping pills. After her husband died she took antidepressants. It took her some time take ALVEO, after which she came to thank me and say that finally, after 30 years she slept. Now it does not take an antidepressant.