Soviet Union

It is appropriate to recall that the developed countries are not exempt from this plague; those same factors produce the occasional or chronic malnutrition of the numerous ‘new poor’ who are in the middle of those living in abundance and in the superconsumo. In addition, of course, there is a very significant factor as it is demographic behavior, population grows rapidly, impacting on the power and generating in less developed countries, hunger having present as indicated, that the proliferation is a reaction of nature and therefore of man to the threats to the survival of the species. Research indicates that the peoples, to measure that will enrich, going from a situation of high birth rate and high mortality to the inverse situation: low mortality and low birth. The transition period can be critical from the point of view of food resources, because in that period of time the mortality is reduced more rapidly than the birth rate. The demographic situation will evolve slowly while in developing countries the families consider that their production and their safety will be guaranteed only by a large number of children. Of course another extremely interesting cause as indicated by the Vatican, is with regard to political causes and makes some signs that show its incidence, some as: deprivation of food was used in Biafra, in the 1970s, as a weapon against political secession. The collapse of the Soviet Union eliminated, on the one hand, the causes of civil wars caused by his direct action or reactions against such action, as the revolutions without result, displacement of populations, the desorganizaciones of agriculture, tribal struggles, genocide.

However, they remain, or they have returned, many situations that cause these same phenomena; Although they do not occur in the same scale, never cease to be detrimental to the populations. It is, in particular, a resurgence of nationalism; These are favored by some States of ideological regime, but also by the local impact of the struggles by the influence that fought each other developed countries, and also by the struggle for power in some countries, especially in Africa. This also the antecedent of the situations of embargo for political reasons, as it has happened with Cuba and Iraq, regimes considered as threats to international security and taking, so to speak so his population hostage. The first victims of this kind of acts of force are the same populations concerned.Why are take into account costs in humanitarian terms of those decisions. In certain cases, policy-makers are worth the misfortunes of their peoples, caused by its trickery, to compel the international community to restore supplies. Faced with all this reality is very important to take into account the suggestion that is made that it is necessary to resolutely motivate social and economic actors in favour of development policy whose main objective is to ensure all men equal opportunities to live in dignity, making efforts and sacrifices. That will be impossible if responsible persons do not give indisputable signs of integrity and sense of the common good. The phenomena of leak of capitals, wastage or appropriation of resources for the benefit of a minority family, social, ethnic or political, are widespread and publicly known by all.