The Content

We take control to switch the appliance off and instead began to review all channels. Half hour or an hour later still we are seeing and touring the canals. The off off button is as if the only which toe fails to push portion. We continue glued to the appliance not because something interesting attracts our attention, but precisely because there is nothing interesting to see. Once trapped, while more trivial and more senseless, more addictive it becomes. If it were interesting and challenging intellect, it would lead to the mind to think again, which would be more conscious and preferable to a trance induced by a device.

Then the screen images not kept fully captive our attention. If the content of the programme is of a certain quality, can counteract to some extent, or even undo the numbing effect of the medium of television. There are some programs that have been of great help to many people, have changed them for good life, have helped to open the heart and have helped them reach the State of consciousness. There are even some comedies that, although they don’t treat any topic in particular, are spiritual without knowing it because they show us a caricature of the ego and human unreason. Teach us to not take anything too seriously, to live life with nonchalance and, above all, taught through laughter. Laughter is extraordinary as liberating and also healing factor.

However, in the majority of cases, television remains under the control of people totally subject to the ego, in such a way that we continue under the control of that second intention of Lulling us, i.e., plunge us into unconsciousness. However, the medium of television has enormous, still unexplored potential. We must avoid the programs and commercials that US assault with a rapid sequence of images that change every two or three seconds or less. Excess of television and of those programmes in particular is caused largely disorder attention deficit, a mental dysfunction that affects millions of children around the world. These brief periods of care translates into perceptions and empty and unsatisfactory relationships. Everything we do while in that State lacks quality, because quality requires attention. Watch TV often and for periods of time not only us plunges into a State of unconsciousness but induces us to passivity and exhausts us energy. Therefore, instead of seeing anything, choose the programs that you want to view. Each time that you remember, feel the life inside your body while standing in front of the screen. Aware of his breathing periodically. Apart the eyes of the screen at regular intervals so that this not seizes completely their sense of sight. Do not raise the volume more than necessary so that television not seizes his sense of hearing. Press the button to mute the device during the commercials. Be sure to not fall asleep immediately after turning off or, worse yet, stay asleep with the TV on.