The Conveniences

MEASUREMENT OF THE VALUES THE PRICE FORM: The first function of gold consists of providing to the set of the merchandise, the matter in which expresses their values like comparable products of equal quality and, therefore, in the amount concept. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. Thus it is as it plays the role of universal measurement of the values. But it is not the gold turned into currency what does to the commensurable merchandise but on the contrary, because these are commensurable being of equal quality for values and materialized force of work, they can find meetings its magnitude of value in merchandise turned into common measurement. This measurement of the values, thanks to the currency, is only the form that must have necessarily its effective measurement, that it will be in any case the time and the work. CONCLUSION OF THE CAPITAL TO THE NEOLIBERALISM: All the philosophical speech related to the capital and its incidence in the life of the man so far has been surpassed by new tendencies and theories that protected by concepts of the policy like for example, democracy and freedom broke through in the world of the competition and generated the greater inequality economic than surely Marx never imagined. Today, the economy is in force by the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and frees market, among others. The efficiency of cold way, is related to the supply of goods and the effectiveness, with the demand of products that are being required. unique power able to obtain to all the others, is the economic one and in such virtue all the concepts humanists are congealed not to adapt to the conveniences of the prevailing system whose unique aim is the lujuriosa accumulation, moved away of solidarity. It is possible then that the world is needing the return Marx? Original author and source of the article..