The Dwarves Of Toronto, The Monster And The Super Nanny

I think a big meeting of the mind and intelligence expertise is what takes the present and humanity. The Almighty monster of Mammon hovered over the round table of the 20 dwarfs in Toronto. Friendly, sociable and feixend with the 20 dwarfs his friends, who were sent out by their people a new crash to prevent. “I am your Lord and master,” said the monster with a deep voice to the Dwarfs, “and you’re mine and Mammon beloved children. I’ll reward you highly for your expensive services, and for all that you have done for me,”the 20 dwarfs are happy, flattered and pleased so much praise and confidence that brings them to the monster.

“Monsters, the people sent us to do you woe and clip your power. What we are going to do”, ask the 20 Elves submissively. “Do not be afraid to my children. I will help you as you without something to do convinced the people of your good will and good intentions”, the monster spoke. “Sit down together and talk about me, and that you me not weighed since and praised by the people that you bring bad against me in the shields so that the people think that you are serious, and seek after my power and you will become and reap recognition. Then moves this unholy meeting and refers to a new day of joy, where you will find my power in question,”says the monster.

“Tell them I am voluntarily ready to make my attribute”, it feigns further. The dwarves had understood and began to discuss and argue how the monster to defeat and remove now and they talked with many tongues and in many languages, so that no dwarf could understand the other more. And actually, it happened, what the monster had prophesied. You move your meeting on other places and days when they want to talk with a tongue and a language.