The Game

This means: the dog toy is one of the people and the person decides when the game starts and when it stops. In this way, the precedence is fixed playful human and dog. The man remains in control, he is exciting for the dog and enjoys the attention. By always ends the game when it is at its most beautiful, lose the dog not the fun it and already looking forward to the next time. Otherwise remains the memory of boredom is transferable up to the end of the game. Then it can be difficult even with dog toys, to animate the dog back to joint activities.

Combine game and education on the walk itself the retreiving of a ball can be boring for the dog if it is constantly being reviewed. However, if the dog has to perform more tasks in the game he remains focused and focuses on the people. It can be task of the dog before the throw or to put. The ball is thrown only if the dog has fulfilled this task. On these Wisely, the fetch represents a reward and the ball remains interesting. An advanced variant is the “absence”. The dog may only follow the thrown ball and to find it, when he gets the character to do so. Dog refuses to bring the ball, barter are.

The ball is delivered, the dog receives a reward. These are treats or other dog toys, for example, another ball. First practiced in a small radius, this can be expanded quickly. Motivation for the dog’s success are the best motivation for every dog. Every game, it is important, therefore, to give him success. Working with the stimulus Angel and the dog may occasionally catch their prey, the game makes him doubly fun. But: He needs the good piece also release. Here barter are offered in turn.