The Link

This is a great way to convert real and cheap clicks into real dollars.Before you begin to test whether this same style works for you and your web page, must have two things. Something to make a follow-up that compares revenues and some pages for channeling traffic from your site. The next step is to think of the way in which the visitors see a page in particular, to know the link where will make clicking.We accomplish this with a catchy and unique for that link description. Think of something that people don’t get to see every day. This will generate your curiosity enough as to try to see what is at issue.You can also use graphics to capture the attention of your readers. There is no limitation to what you can do to make your link notable. If you are looking for the success of your site, you have to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal.

You have to be creative about what you write in your Adsense ads and thus not exceed the guidelines of the search engines then, remember that everything is location, location and location. Once you attract the attention of your visitors with a perfect description, you have to identify the perfect place, the position in your page that link to the descriptive page of high payment.There is nothing wrong with visiting other websites to see how maximize your navigation through the site. You know what you are using other web sites and tries to imitate them.Another way of doing this is by using different texts in different pages. In this way you will see those who work and those who do not. It is also mixing things. Put links at the top and sometimes at the bottom. This is the way to prove that ads capture more clicks and which are being ignored.Let’s do a test and start tracking until you find the style of navigation in the site that best suits your site.An effective emprendimientoLa most webmasters know that google Adsense generates an important source of additional advertising income.