The Market

We have muchosdispositivos public and private labour intermediation that is supposed to be advising and orienting to unemployed persons to create a consistent with your training and previous experience professional route, both to improve their employability and to recycle in the case of sectors in crisis proceed. This is the theory, the reality is tremendous. Persons who have access to these programs, in particular workshop schools, centres of trade and employment workshops, do not even know the occupation in which they are going to form and that is going to pay one salary greater than then the market offers for these jobs. They are motivated by the idea of collecting about 1,000 a month, and without a real to insert later basis, because in the case of people from social programs is only a grant more than paid and when they finish already will seek another. And otherwise, are people with an administrative training or management, even who have had positions of responsibility, who come looking for a salary for a year and then see if they return to work in his old job. And I don’t want to generalize, but occurs in the majority of cases. This situation leads us to wonder if when it comes to being selected in these programs should not be required them at least one route insertion prior consistent with the occupation that will develop, since if we are not falling into the trap of using these programs as a political element to remove lists of unemployed unemployed, therefore all the public money invested does not have an effective profitability in job creation. Another topic to discuss is that of the validity of this training for employment. In the case of regulated training students obtained a valid academic title for a qualified work. However, training for employment, only issue a certificate of attendance, because even when the corresponding professional certificate has developed fully, without its accreditation this formation has no validity.