The Society

Although all these evidences, we continue to dissociar and to isolate, amongst others, the living creature of the human being, the biology of the anthropology. To fill with life ' ' Antropossociologia' ' it is to make to understand that all the phenomena that say respect to the man are dissociados of the biological one. The proper culture is fruit of an evolution that is biological. We are, simultaneously, life and culture. It does not have nothing of supernatural in our culture and our society. We more intensely feel the life that the too much beings livings creature, to enjoy and to suffer, but we are not it are or above of it.

The knowledge is one biological phenomenon. Intelligence is an animal virtue. The affectivity is a sucking quality. We are goal-animals? for the soul and the spirit. The hominizao does not suppress the animal in the man, carries through it.

The society estimates the individuality of its members. The human beings are not alone who if group in society. What it differentiates the society of the flock is the product of the interactions of its members. Human we, mammals, conserve a subjective autonomy, with more ecological trend, of relations with the way. The culture and the language provide to the societies the development of the animalidade that empties in the human being. The power that human we start to get on the life, becomes us responsible for it. We need a new social paradigm of form to search a cautious knowledge for a decent life. The way to supplant the rivalries is the love. The love is that it promotes the meeting, the communication, that binds and that it leaves to remain free, that keeps joined those that are distant that it surpasses the hatred, that it makes to arder our life. The love and the fraternity must be intelligent, capable to recognize false, the ideological illusion, the lie, meaning that ' ' conscience or intelligence of inteligncia' ' it integrates and it defines the behaviors of our life.