The Sun

For example can be waived with this system the solar control glass facade, if the single area is made of Sun protection glass. Because it protects Sun once by the geometry of the box and once by the solar cells of the lower level of the box. The system is compatible for renovation with the most other facades. To know more about this subject visit E Scott Mead. Here the box can be used such as there, where the window damaged should be replaced. It thus is in addition to high heat insulation also given individual ventilation without energy loss with effective soundproofing and even passive solar energy obtained by the other property of the glass box.

The passive use of solar energy of the SAPEF works in conjunction with ventilation of the underlying space. The Sun’s rays warm the trapped air in the box because of the relatively small volume in the shortest time. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information. In times of transition and in the winter the user can simply open the sliding window, which is part of the system, depending on the needs and therefore fresh, preheated air to let. The room is vented on this way and heated by solar energy. For ventilation, the changing room air through the box will escape with open exhaust opening and closed air outlet port without at the same time cold air inside to escape. The room-side surface of the glass heated in this way shows another plus in the indoor climate. In summer, when no heating of the rooms is desired, the box does two things. Once he forms a buffer space, and thus it prevents direct heating of the residence space and once at an open window and open and exhaust air openings, he is an air flow forth, causing a cooling effect without train appearance can be made. Compared to conventional window a reduction is achieved by noise pollution from outside because the box acts like a lock.