The Way

It becomes the gateway to the interior space. Although the interior space has no shape, is intensely alive. That empty space is life in its fullness, the unmanifest source from which flow all manifestations. The word traditional to designate that source is God. Thoughts and words belong to the world of form; cannot express report it. Thus, when we say, I feel my inner body, it’s a wrong interpretation created by thought.

What actually happens is that the consciousness that it presents itself as a body (the awareness that I am) is becoming aware of itself. When left to confuse what we are with a transient form of self, then the dimension of the infinite and eternal, God, can express through me and guide me. We also independent from the form. However, it is no use purely intellectual level to recognize that I’m not this way. The most important question of all is: I can feel at the moment my own presence, or rather, the presence I am? We can also address This truth from another reference point. Ask yourself, does am aware not only of what is happening at the moment, but the now properly, as timeless living space in which everything happens? Although this question doesn’t seem to have any relationship with the inner body, will be surprised to recognize that taking consciousness of space of the now, you will feel more life inside. It is to feel the life of the inner body, that life forming part intrinsic joy of being.

We must enter the body to transcend it and discover that we are not that. As far as possible, in their daily lives, use awareness of your inner body to create space. While waiting, while listening to someone, while he stops to admire the sky, a tree, a flower, your partner, or a child, feel at the same time the life that vibrates in its interior. Thus, part of your attention or awareness will remain report and elsewhere will be available to the outside world in the way. Everytime we inhabit our bodies in this way, serves as anchor for remain present in the now. It prevents us from getting lost in the sea of thoughts, emotions, or external situations. When we think, feel, perceive and experience, consciousness is born to the shape. He reincarnated in a thought, a feeling, a sense of perception, an experience. The cycle of reincarnations of which aspire to liberate Buddhists happens continuously and is only now, through the power of the now, that we can get out of him. Fully accepting the way of the us now, we internally in tune with the space, which is the essence of the now. Through acceptance, our interior is spacious and we stay aligned with the space and not the form. So we bring you the true balance and perspective to our life. Original author and source of the article