U.S. Wants To Lift 2011 Situational Winter Tyres Requirement

In the coming winter, fine continue to threaten mature sinners and a penalty point in Flensburg landed a clear effect hit the higher regional court of Oldenburg by his judgment, situational winter tire duty was unconstitutional. Because the Federal Ministry of transport intends to want to give on the subject of tires on fines and penalty points. The necessary amendment of the road traffic regulations (StVO) come into force in 2011. But 2012 the road traffic regulations must be changed again. Then, there will be a binding definition of winter tyres in the EU. Now is the cat out of the bag: during the meeting of the competent federal countries Fachausses regulations/administrative offences in recent days the representatives of the Federal Government informed, how you want to avoid further discussion on situational winter tyres compulsory. According to information received from members of the Committee to the Hanoverian agency pilot: project GmbH intends the Federal Government the following: the wording of the disputed section 2 paragraph 3a of the regulations does not change.

It says …bei motor vehicles is the equipment to the weather conditions to adapt. These include. especially suitable tyres and antifreeze in the washer” This behavior requirement for the motorist persists. But: Motorists should be no longer consumes inFlensburg 2011 with a fine of 20 euro or a fine of 40 euros and a penalty when regulations violate paragraph 3a the behavior rule of 2. To make this possible, the Federal Government must change the section 49 of the regulations. This should be done within the framework of the ongoing 46. amendment of the regulations. Should this amendment adopted this year by the Federal Council, it would come at the earliest in force in spring 2011. Until then but the situational winter tires – with fines and penalty points is obligatory for tyre sinners. The Federal Government had to be active, because in the summer, the judge of the Senate had decided the OLG Oldenburg for fine things: the fine imposed on a motorist for driving with improper tires is unlawful (case No.