United Nations Organization

Tuxedo got be stopped as it has been damaging health of the humans, and so of the environment of the earth. Motivation is the best measure to hit the target although legal and financial measures must therefore be taken. Smoking begins with such wrong assumptions that it wants to add smartness to the personality of the adolescent boys or girls and that it helps one to with was extraordinary pressure. It is claimed that smoking stimulates the necessary region of the brain when one dips into deep thoughts. Of course, there exists limited truth which goes in favor of the adolescent humans who, with a cigarette within the finger, relish a feeling that he / she is growing. Whatever may be pleaded in favor of smoking tobacco, there is no doubt that smoking is a menacing habit.

It is instrumental to the development of certain kinds of health hazards. The physicians leave routine for warning their patients about smoking, and they advise them to stop this bad habit instantly. It is said little when it is said that smoking is injurious to health. Patients suffering from problem of imbalance in blood sugar in their body or from hypertension or cardiac problem may become serious unless they quit smoking. A smoker can even invite the fatal disease called cancer. Contribution of the smokers to the pollution of the environment is worth mentioning. Millions of smokers exhale chemical smoke all over the world and they do not feel what damage they have been doing to the atmosphere of the earth.

Any way, smoking must be stopped. Facts containing ruinous effect of smoking should reach to the smokers everyday. They got to be informed of different case histories of the people who have had to suffer greatly for smoking. All out efforts should be afforded for the campaign against smoking. The non-government organizations, environmental activists, government machineries must be employed to hit the target. Offline and online media got incessantly campaign against smoking. The governments should take stringent measures against the cigarette manufacturing companies under the supervision of United Nations Organization. The government should take legal measures against the smokers. Smokers can be financially punished if they do not want to quit smoking. It is said that the smoker wants to leave this habit gradually. This means that they will be allowed to go on smoking for many good days more. This prescription is sure to fail as the effect of nicotine will remain with them. Smokers must decide that they want to stop smoking and that thence only, they must quit smoking. It is simply self motivation and nothing else. Friends and well wishers can only help developing confidence in them so that they can take the sharp decision on their own. Habit for good bad Yes, the smokers are to take the decision that they are just quitting this. Samantha Nicole is writer of quit smoking pill coupons.