United States Financial

To do this, consider the demand for similar products, create and develop production, to search for raw materials, to provide energy and transport, to find retailers for the implementation of these products, and more another. In this case, is not a fact that created profitable product to sell and will bring the desired profit. United States of America, and beyond them the rest of the world, decided to simplify the chain, and went on the road – 3d. Soon, created by transnational companies and investment groups, became a pyramid scheme operating under the scheme – 3D. Capitalization growth will no longer support the production of goods and real money supply was not enough for further machinations in the financial markets. And then someone came up with the "brilliant idea".

In the population, have accumulated huge sums of money that can be involved in the financial game. Buying shares in the financial pyramids, and playing the markets "Securities" securities, the vast number of ordinary citizens were involved in questionable deals. They promised big and quick profits, and self-esteem everyman flattered that he was "a major investor." To operate such a financial mechanism requires an increasing money supply, not provide real commodity sector and the services market and the U.S. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offer similar insights. government included a printing press to cover the growing losses. Inflatable, now all the participants, financial frauds, including "simple housewife", the money bubble was, inevitably, burst. And this process has started. The current situation, it does not a crisis but only the beginning of the end of the world's financial system and the main "battle" ahead.