Usury School

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the private schools in Mexico are an alternative to overcome the low quality education that occurs in public schools. But it has its drawbacks as the about fees. To the high tuition, parents have to pay high about fees for monthly payments overdue, in an act of usury affecting the domestic economy. There are colleges that charge 6 thousand 440 pesos monthly, more 445 pesos for maintenance. If the monthly payment is not covered, charged a surcharge of 3 thousand 940 additional weights. A 60 percent interest. In Mexico, with the only ones who can charge interest and banks for loans. They are calculated that more expensive banks charge up to 30 per cent per annum.

American and Canadian teachers working in private schools are eligible for absurd quotas of annual contributions that some colleges charge at the beginning of the school year. They use them to expand the infrastructure of the school. How it will pay the parent to expand school? wonder who taught education systems of their in our countries. Private schools are authentic business of investors that are superior to public schools curricula but charge expensive, pay little to the teachers and also charge interest and annual contributions. The lack of a regulation in this sector, coupled with the alleged status which provides private education made inaccessible for the middle class this type of primary and secondary educational institutions. Not to mention that receipts of school lack the fiscal validity. A real windfall. Bearer in which University of usury study some owners of private schools?