Valencia. The Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE) are official qualifications that accredit the competence and command of the Spanish. These certificates, issued by the Instituto Cervantes, are currently the only recognized worldwide by private firms, chambers of Commerce and public or private school systems. They usually present as complementary certificates but they are an important instrument for personal promotion in the academic and professional world. Also to have the possibility of a job promotion or access to an education in Spain or other countries that also perform these tests. And it is that currently the knowledge of a foreign language is becoming one of the most valued aspects in the companies when selecting employees. In some cases must be added the requirement of an official certificate.

DELE offers us the possibility, therefore, opt to improvements. We can get this diploma through a test that can be performed in most Spanish cities, as well as well as in all of the venues that the Instituto Cervantes has spread over the world. But it’s a specific test that requires good preparation because of the particularity of their tests. To able to prepare this review with guarantees, Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, offers the possibility of doing a Spanish course prepare examination test by test, from the grammatical part until the oral part, one that presents one more suspenseful index. Their teachers, have formed and are part of the DELE courts, so you know first-hand what are the important things to deal.

Courses of Spanish for the DELE preparation in Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, have a duration of three weeks and are held before the official announcement (May 20, August 19 and November 18, 2011). Moreover, is the possibility of weeks complementary if students wish to prepare for the exam with more advance. For more detailed information Costa de Valencia, Spanish School, has Open a specific page within your web page where you can find the description of each of these exams, call dates and those of their training courses or even models of previous examinations. Thanks to prepare personal and tailored to the needs of students who offer us practitioners of this school of Spanish as a foreign language, we can get good results in this certificate as well as obtain a labour or professional enhancement.