Video Surveillance Provitek – New Camera Models

Secure House, driveway, land, company simply by wireless cameras! The compact color CMOS camera with an integrated microphone can weather protection from outside send only a power supply in the vicinity for the supplied AC adapter is required. The radio signals from the camera range up to 100 m (free field, up to 30 m indoors) and propagated by the 2.4 GHz receiver on your normal TV, a video recorder, monitor or PC with video input. Also the noise level at the location of the camera are controlled by the microphone built into the camera. With multiple cameras, the receiver can switch through constantly all four channels, so you can constantly keep all camera locations in the eye. The basic set consists of a CMOS color camera with weather protection and wall bracket, 1 receiver, SCART cable, and 2 power supplies. Cloud computing shines more light on the discussion. More info under the heading wireless cameras at the leading CCTV provider Provitek.