Volosyanka Nicholas

The problem with the selection of advertising sites If you are organizing a visit of the famous coach, then the advertisement must begin with resources, is home to the target audience: its author’s site, newsletter, facebook, groups in social networks, etc. Often all possible advertising on these resources is granted automatically after the agreement on the organization of your training, but if you do not provide it – ask! In addition, you can negotiate with the trainer to he or his organization helped you in promoting the event: it is hard to do, especially under certain conditions. Organization of sales there this aphorism: “The theater is rich with its viewers as the viewer is rich in its Theatre. So in our case – the training “rich” his client.

The problem of sales – to explain to the client that he would be “rich” training, but only after full payment. Therefore, the organization of sales – the most complex and important part of the organization of training. Simple telephone calls potential customers or clients, submit your application online or by phone is inefficient, organization and training of sales with a working employee motivation – effective. Improper maintenance of a database of customer information should be stored in a structured, correct and reliable as the customer should not be forgotten. For starters, the organizers version of the database Excel program is quite good, but when the number of customers rose past 500, then recommend the use of specialized programs.

at the events themselves on training and seminars can and need to sell related training products: infoprodukty coach, his books, videos, audio recordings, training films, etc. That very few people do, because it is believed that with these sales do not make big money. But do not forget that infoprodukty spreading in the city, you spread the popularity of the coach and his training, that only a positive impact on your future sales. In addition, if wisely to build sales infoproduktov, then this can be earn good money, too. Ineffective partnership programs can not be greedy with our partners! You can easily calculate how much money will the average customer for the entire period of work with you. It is often such that organizer offers a 5% to 15% for new customer acquisition. In this case, the right approach, because this customer in the future he will receive much more money than they could even think at first. Therefore, the optimal commission if we are talking about training and seminars – 30% for the new client. This issue also needs to be discussed with the coach to avoid misunderstandings. Fee for infoprodukty range from 40% to 60% Poor quality handouts attribute solid training – high-quality handouts. If the materials are printed organizer, it is necessary that the paper quality and production in line with the contents: a simple black and white print on a printer play is not in your favor. The absence of analysts after the event sometimes happens: the training ended, the participants thanked the coach and manager, shook hands and parted. And nobody knows what they liked, which is not liked the fact that they are also interested in your services. As a minimum necessary to carry out surveys. As a maximum – a complete analysis of customer feedback.