Wednesday IHC

Visit the IHC industrial and trading Club East Westphalia-Lippe e.V. “Many astonished guests passed on Wednesday evening by the premises of the logistics and Speditionsdienstleisters LOEWE logistics & care in Herford, Germany, as the successful visit of the IHC industrial and trading Club East Westphalia-Lippe e.V. to end went: Club members, which included especially holder and Managing Director of regional companies, were thrilled not only by the size of our logistics center and our range of services, but also impressed by our in-house understanding of values”that sums up Klaus Hoppe, of the LOEWE logistics & care expert accompanied the tour of the company as Managing Director. After a warm welcome by the managing partners of the company, Markus from North corner, was Managing Director Susanne Schafer-Dieterle, for the approximately 30 participants, including Member of the Executive Committee of the IHC Dr. Dieter Wirths and IHC first in the heart of the renowned ‘ Distributionsdienstleisters: The camp with 21,000 square metres of space, as well as 21,000 pallet spaces. A subsequent and lively presentation was Klaus Hoppe then facts and figures about the company and the mission statement and philosophy before, that are characterized by values such as enthusiasm, customer orientation, responsibility, reliability and sincerity. The presentation by Torben Schanz by Star publishing GmbH of Boblingen, we could win as a Manager for the area of logistic services for our appointment was also”particularly interesting, forward Hoppe. Star publishing GmbH is responsible for consulting, design, media production, media logistics and innovation of Daimler AG since 1999, and since November 2012 closely cooperates with the LOEWE logistics & care GmbH & co.

KG. We are responsible for picking the Daimler Board literature in a so-called just-in-sequence method and ensure that currently daily 1,300 packed car paper bags in specially made containers be provided. Just-in-sequence means that the personalized order of Boardbucher is held at the placement of the pockets. In the order, also the truck is packed so that the cart paper bags in the Daimler factory in Bremen so delivered, that they map directly to the vehicles. For the Daimler AG not only a considerable space, but also a huge time savings stems”, so Hoppe.

The example of Star publishing GmbH, the lion of logistics could guests an interesting insight into the daily practice so & impressions and information during the subsequent food discussed in stimulating and provided for a successful conclusion of the event, and finding also, IHC Managing Director Susanne Schafer-Dieterle win care GmbH & co. KG: very warm thanks to the dedicated team of Lion of logistics! The IHC members and guests have been received with great hospitality and competent accompanied by an interesting afternoon. Visit the company was most enlightening we have lots of information on the subject of distribution logistics and get high-quality B2B and B2C fulfilment solutions. Many interesting details, such as warehouse management, returns management, accounts receivable management, or also to special topics such as the admission of lion as regulated agent”with the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. Also we have understood that for the employees of Lion of logistics values such as reliability, enthusiasm and sincerity are not empty words!”