What Is An Internet Portal ?

According to Gartner, one can distinguish the following types of portals. Megaportals Having one of the first (Yandex, Rambler, Mail.ru). They turned to the web community, rather than specific groups of users. The main function of such portals – to be specific network mass media. Vertical portals, sometimes called niche portals (RBC, Molotok.ru, Livejournal.ru, 6a6ok.net). They are designed for specific user groups – such as health portals, portals for women, etc. B2B portals is electronic trading platforms that are designed for business on the web.

Corporate Portals (Enterprise Portals) are being developed for the needs of one company to deal with both internal corporate objectives and to communicate with the outside world – with customers, suppliers and partners. Entertainment Portals These are places on the Internet where everything is and all podruku.Eta category is for part of each of the supremely .Eti types of portals can accommodate a phenomenal amount of information and stuff on the network (6a6ok.net, dyandex.com, qiq.ru). ActionPortal solutions are aimed at the last kind of portal solutions, and we use the term 'corporate intranet portal' and talk about 'corporate portal' arising from the technologies 'intranet' and intended for use within the company. Appointment of Corporate Intranet Portal Providing transparent access to management information contained in the various information systems operated in the company, as well as other information sources. Providing a single point of access to corporate information, corporate applications and other data sources within and outside the company. In this case, information can be provided in a personalized, integrated and aggregated form – that is provided in such a way as to best support the process of making business decisions and decisions functional problems and concerns.