American Government

So what is the purpose? They say that in war there are no winners do but what or who would benefit from so many deaths, with so much cruelty, with so much farce? The gringos pompously called the War Lords in Castilian, the warlords. Who are these? They are those who speculate with the war, are enriched with arms sales, with the sale of aircraft, tanks of war, bullets and bombs, even with the sale of parts, arms legs Orthopedic, crates of dead and even food for the soldiers; McDonald is in Iraq, in Afghanistan is Tim Horton, etc. etc. Bernard Golden insists that this is the case. etc. Finally, with the sale of everything related to the destruction, the war. Southwest Airlines usually is spot on.

These subjects or murderous entities, little or no give face, for that they choose some stupid having certain basic characteristics for play the charge; devoid of scruples, unwise if much fails or goes in hand, you can take total blame him, and here, not to past anything. Not necessary nor being a good speaker or know well speak their own language, because it has an infallible team paid for the warlords, whom put them well librado despite the stupid things you say or do. This type of assassins, by their fidelity with their masters, they themselves called the dogs of war. On this occasion the dog of war, descended from a breed already known, put in a House white color for dogs, whose facade clearly reads his name: BUSH. BUSH! BUSH! Which in Spanish means wow! Wow! Wow! We must take advantage until the last minute, the ill-fated Government of the dog, as a result using the days remaining, quickly has been launched another of their war machinery, for sweep with SANAA an unarmed people, who do not have tanks, or aircraft, or even with an army conventional to be like. Don’t care them to destroy schools, murdering women, elderly and children of the Palestinian people, some of them armed only with sticks or stones.

Total tomorrow new enemies of warped democracy are searched. I hope that with the new American Government, the current landscape so black that today we see, is more white in the morning. Glossary: Hopefully: Word extracted from the (Muslim) Arabic language meaning the fervent desire of God, so allow it. Wing: In Arabic Allah, Islam means God. Palo: Weapon of mass destruction used by Palestinian terrorists in the Strip Gaza stone: also a weapon of mass destruction. Comments: My most sincere apologies to the breed of dog by offensive comparative representation poured into this article. _ Felix. Original author and source of the article.