Artist Karel Gonzik

As a supplement used by large scarves with tassels, small colored bags, pouches. On their feet – white cotton stockings or crocheted stockings, shoes with wooden soles, simple low-heeled shoes or even without it, but with a strap. This rustic style mikrostil folk style or country style. Clothing is sewn in a rustic or folk style is very simple. For example, a thick wool skirt, over her large, navypusk flannel shirt, jacket and top pointed coarse knit, thick woolen socks. Tissue in the rustic style have a rough surface, are visible weave. Style lumberjack clothing in the spirit of American loggers, pioneers of the Wild West: denim shirt decorated with a checkered cloth – on a checkered sleeves with cuffs of sleeves, flaps on pockets, collar and trimmed checkered cloth.

Men's jacket is long, with blind fastener, usually a coarse checkered woolen material. Work wear clothing that is used for recreation, work in the garden. Used forms and details taken in a special working clothes. For example, overalls, came into vogue at the bench, retains many of 'their details even in a business or a street version. This style began to emerge in England in the twenties of xx century. Artist Karel Gonzik in the book 'Creating life-style', wrote: 'they found this style of dress, which was adapted to the image of their life and work. For even more details, read what Munear Kouzbari says on the issue. These people wear hats that sit tightly on his head and did not blow away by the wind, shoes with double soles, as can be waterproof, and a short coat, no chilling movements and not interfering with the run.