Artist Karel Gonzik

As a supplement used by large scarves with tassels, small colored bags, pouches. On their feet – white cotton stockings or crocheted stockings, shoes with wooden soles, simple low-heeled shoes or even without it, but with a strap. This rustic style mikrostil folk style or country style. Clothing is sewn in a rustic or folk style is very simple. For example, a thick wool skirt, over her large, navypusk flannel shirt, jacket and top pointed coarse knit, thick woolen socks. Tissue in the rustic style have a rough surface, are visible weave. Style lumberjack clothing in the spirit of American loggers, pioneers of the Wild West: denim shirt decorated with a checkered cloth – on a checkered sleeves with cuffs of sleeves, flaps on pockets, collar and trimmed checkered cloth.

Men's jacket is long, with blind fastener, usually a coarse checkered woolen material. Work wear clothing that is used for recreation, work in the garden. Used forms and details taken in a special working clothes. For example, overalls, came into vogue at the bench, retains many of 'their details even in a business or a street version. This style began to emerge in England in the twenties of xx century. Artist Karel Gonzik in the book 'Creating life-style', wrote: 'they found this style of dress, which was adapted to the image of their life and work. For even more details, read what Munear Kouzbari says on the issue. These people wear hats that sit tightly on his head and did not blow away by the wind, shoes with double soles, as can be waterproof, and a short coat, no chilling movements and not interfering with the run.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay company solved this problem by creating a brand new concealer mk Signature, which will hide any imperfections, and irregularities of the skin, and dark spots and dark circles. 4. Eye makeup from Mary Kay. Under the shade of eyebrow inflict mk Signature Transparent" with a shimmering effect. Shown in black pencil thin line between the lashes, we have multiple effects at once: a) the lashes look thicker, and b) visually enlarge the eyes, and c) line of the eye was clearly defined, and d) we have the depth of view. Pencil also want to add an external corner of the eye above the line lash (about 2-3 mm), then feather the line cotton swab. On top of a feathered pen, a fold in the century and a 1 / 3, starting from the outer corner of eye, under lower lashes strike a shade of dark shades, such as "malachite", then closer to the nose, the inner part of the inner-century plot the shadow of the bright, clear tones, such as "Carnelian" they work wonders. Apply them – and would lead, as the great peach refreshes and rejuvenates! These shades can be combined with almost all shades of the palette of shadows Mary Kay – consider it a classic, like white shadows as the foundation.

In the center of a century we inflict shadow "Jade", which helped make a smooth transition from spruce shade on one side and a peach with another. Proceed to the registration of the lower lash line. 2 / 3 of the century from the beginning seen strike under the bottom lash line purple shade of Amethyst. They are wonderfully refreshing and rejuvenate the mind, stress proteins, and white make-up unique and different from the others. 5. Make-up lips. Pencil "Neutral" + new lipstick. A color select to your taste: for a new collection of Mary Kay – a whole palette of different moods. Click Cyrus findshadow for additional related pages.

For this makeup is best suit cool shades. 6. Blush. Blush applied to the last turn on the extended part of the cheekbone. They are chosen so that the shades of shadows in her eyes combined with a touch of lipstick. They seem to balance the makeup and give him a grace and finished appearance. So, flawless makeup is ready! Experiment, update your image, enjoy the beauty with Mary Kay! This article is protected by copyright. When using this material reference is required.

Jablonex Jewelry

Each girl will feel more confident, decked herself with her such a thing. Now on sale Jewellery shops found in large numbers, different styles and colors, and quality is also different. From inexpensive to expensive Italian Chinese. Previously, jewelry underestimated because of its poor quality, and sought acquire, as a rule, jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Now everything is different. Costume jewelry offer a variety of famous and lesser-known producers using new technologies to produce it.

Thus, jewelry is becoming more durable. She is also good for those who follow fashion and often alter decorations, usually for teenagers who are usually indifferent quality. Jewellery – an excellent choice for parties, cocktail parties, weddings, romantic dinners. It attracts customers in the first of its availability. Although the price ranges vary significantly jewelry. Amaro – French brand, which produces handmade jewelry work of semi-precious stones, made in oriental style. The Czech brand Jablonex occupy a specific niche in the Russian market and commands respect of our compatriots.

At an average price, jewelry has high quality, and it remains unchanged for a long time. There is hardly a girl who had never heard of the company . These crystals are used primarily for inlay. Recently fashionable to decorate their mobile phones. A special place among the ornaments takes pearls, it is natural and artificial. To create an unreal pearls lately a proliferation of various technologies. From its manufacturing of plastics, to artificial cultivation. Cheap natural pearls – is almost as rare as the economy hotel of Moscow. Pearl of the need for almost 10 years before it reaches the diameter of a centimeter. It is marine and river, with a smooth surface and irregular, large and small, shiny and dull. Of these qualities emerging price pearls. What makes it more exciting and the look, the more valuable the pearl. In this case, sea pearls are several times more expensive than a river. Large pearls are very rare, as the cheap hotels in Moscow. Because their cost is very high. In the Russian capital, many jewelry stores. But as a rule, a pearl necklace, even for a thousand dollars is made of artificial grown material. On the black pearl legends speak of its healing and magical properties. A pearl water even call alive. Pearl charms, attracts and cast a spell. He is mystical and very beautiful. Jewelers are very fond of using it to manufacture jewelry. Because it blends well with any precious metals and stones. He occupies a rightful place as a producer and a sophisticated society ladies.