Of such thing I will gloriarei myself; not, however, of me exactly, saved in mine fraquezas’ ‘ (2 Co 12,5). ‘ ‘ The suffering and the success walk together. If you are being sucedido well without suffering, are because others, before you, had suffered; if you are sofrendo without seeing the success, others, after you, obtero.’ ‘ Fortunate the ones that cry. They can be happy because they know that pain, the affliction and the privation are pains of childbirth of a new creation and a better world. They can be happy because they have the conscience of that the Supreme Artist, God, to produce a workmanship worthy cousin, use the shade of Its brush. They can gloriar themselves in its tears and still sing in honra of the sadness, because they know that in the economy of God, ‘ ‘ if we suffer, is porque also we will reign with Ele’ ‘.

Thought of the message: ‘ ‘ Many think that the Christianity is a miracle to become the miraculosamente easy life, without suffering nor pain. The intention of the Christianity is not to prevent the difficulty, but to produce the character adjusted to face it. It does not become easy the life; before, he looks for to make us sufficiently great for vide. In he does not offer an exit to them for packs of the life, but he fortifies in them for enfrent-los’ ‘. Phrase of transistion: A research indicated the following one: Of each 10 believers who had suffered adversity in the life, 8 had remained firm in the faith, and of each 10 believers that they had reached the prosperity, 2 had remained firm.