Meat Black

The meat the meat cheapest of the market is the black meat That goes of favour penitentiary pro and for underneath of the plastic That pro goes of favour under employment and advantages psychiatric hospitals the meat cheapest of the market is the black meat That history made and makes pra caralho Holding this country in the arm, my brother. … And exactly thus, still I keep the right Of some ancestor of the color To fight for justice and respect Of some ancestor of the color To bravely fight for respect black Meat (Carioca Farofa) Since the arrival in the tumbeiros in century XVI until the contemporaneidade, the merchandise? black force of work? it is slandered in the market of Brazilian work. In the colonial period, forming the classroom of workers without remuneration, support and legal protection, the blacks had constituted the brasilidade and the seiscentista economy and had nullified the discriminatory obstacles, longing for so dreamed emancipation. When this ' ' dream if becomes realidade' ' , the lack of a significant Politics of Social and Working Protection the full exercise of the citizenship did not oportunizou them. In the transistion of the enslaved work for the wage-earner, a serious economic crisis restored that respinga until today in the picture of the inaqualities: precariousness in the health, education, housing beyond unemployment, under employment, me the remuneration, intense hours of working The former-captives migraram in the hegemonic scene capitalist Brazilian, maquiado for fbula of the three races and for the myth of the racial democracy, of the imposition of an enslaved and desumana routine for overwhelmd other to the necessities of the ruling class: ' ' slavery assalariada' ' (Marx apud Claus Offe, 1985), substituting tripalium for the poverty. Oak (2004, p.52) reverberates: Sets of ten of years after the abolition, the descendants of slaves still lived in the farms, a life little better of what of its enslaved ancestor. .