Construction Equipment Excavator Farm

Prof. Thomas Bauer gave to confident mini excavators, excavators and other construction equipment of the company Schrobenhausen – Bauer of Bauer AG’s annual general meeting. “We recorded stable orders for several months and can the development in our business much sure beurteilenals ahead of a half or three-quarter year”, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Therefore, the peasant group expects an overall group performance on the level of the previous year and a profit after taxes of 40 million. “If the economy further evolved as in the last two to three months, then we may have survived the worst”, so Bauer. “Our business recovers and in the Middle East and in the United States our business run even slightly better than expected.” He, however, views the economic situation in Greece and other countries of Central Europe with concern. In the long-term orientation of the Group Prof. Bauer sees himself confirmed: “our strategic course is true.

With our three business areas construction, machinery and resources, we are internationally wide set up and positioned perfectly for the challenge of the future. As an example of contains investment and commitment to the headquarters Bauer pointed out the 1989-built anchor Hall in Schrobenhausen conversion to the new workshop. There the technical and commercial offspring of currently 140 students at the site finds future optimal conditions, to prepare activities in various professions. The building is home to a Carpenter and a small office – social tract next to the workshop. “It is our very close to the heart, to give young people a sound training and a professional perspective”, as Prof. Bauer. “As new recruits they help shape the future of our company. Many of today’s executives have us go through a sound training and is constantly evolving.