MLM Myths

Myth 4: The network business come the losers, those who have not found myself in other areas of life. Many of my sponsors – successful people. Doctors, businessmen …. In general, times are changing.

And now many of the SM come at the behest of the heart. And not out of despair. Although many CM helped to get out of a very difficult financial situations …. And now about the other myths about MLM 1. It is often said that this is such a wonderful business, that’s all there love each other, never hurt, no competition.

The truth is, that just like in any business. Business is business. Competition, and not always fair (we are working with people. And they are different). This is business, and quite hard. Everyone protects their achievements. And that, in general, it is quite normal. 2. Only an online business can make money. Well, the truth is that MLM is a type of business. In the ordinary business of many opportunities to succeed. True. MLM has a significant advantage as the size of seed capital .. He incomparably smaller than in traditional business. And in no other business, apart from MLM, you no one to share their experiences, will not get on its feet … 3. This business is for everyone. Well, there is no work for everyone! And this business is not Closed for people who do not want to take the initiative, who want to have a certain salary and Human Services.