One important question that arises during the construction of cottages, is a question of lining the outer walls. There are several ways cladding, which are used in the construction of houses: – Vertical Cabin vnahlyst – Cabin with battens over joints – vertical cladding of polished boards for cladding – vertical cladding planed boards for cladding – horizontal cladding overlapping planks. Consider the more common ways such plating, applicability in the construction of houses, like skin by using strips over joints and vertical cladding of polished boards cladding. The procedure works by plating the outer walls of houses with strips over joints. 1. Pribivnye board and rack mounted over the vent opening windshield panels.

2. Established carrier board. 3. at planning step, the lower boards should keep in mind that the board must dock with each other. Can only be a small gap in order to remain a certain margin for adjustment. 4. The lower end of planks to saw off corner boards and saw off a desired size.

5. Board installed in a vertical position over the carrier rack and mounted on both its ends to pribivnym boards. Uses hot galvanized nails 60 mm. Boards established the core outward. 6. rack mounted in the expansion joints. Nails are driven in the middle of the rails so that they pass into the space between the bottom board. Uses hot galvanized nails 60 mm. The second way of cladding used in the construction of cottages – vertical cladding of polished boards for cladding. The procedure works is as follows: 1. to the surface windproof panels mounted rack ventilation openings and pribivnye board in the horizontal direction. 2. to the bottom edge is attached carrier board. 3. the planning step, boards should pay attention to that when working with boards oshpuntovannymi step can be adjust to a small extent. Margin of a little more step in boards uys and uyv. 4. board are measured and saw off at the lower end boards must not forget to do the rounding. 5. board installed on top carrier board and are attached to the nails to pribivnym boards. If you are using narrower boards (95 mm), one nail in the middle will suffice. Step should be a minimum of 600 mm. If you are using wider boards (over 100 mm), they nailed on both sides. Before nailing should always make sure that the board is firmly in the groove and tongue. If a board cladding uys or uyv, then apply dimensional device, with through which is formed between the boards steady step. Verified as horizontal boards.