Doorway Installation

Rounds as the width, for a total of 2000 mm. Thus, the door leaf is required in this case, must have dimensions of 800 mm to 2000 mm. In addition, you should pay attention to the state of sex in the room where will be installed steel doors with powder coated door or mdf. If there is no cover and tie, then you need to determine how the zero level will rise after the final assembly floor, and include this number when calculate the height of the doorway. After that, for choosing the right door frame, measure the thickness of the wall. For measurements using calipers. Also work and two lines or plates that need to be attached to different sides of the same wall so that their edges appeared in the doorway. The distance between them is the thickness of the wall. The width of the door frame should be selected as close as possible to the width of the wall. Do not forget take into account the state of walls: their thickness may increase due to the solution, tiles or cladding panels, etc. Then you can safely go to buy doors. Making a choice, do not forget that each manufacturer offers.

The concordance of doorways and their standards of door panels. If you chose the company has no product that fits your size, do not rush to manufacture door to order. This will cost you a lot expensive. You can find the door block a little smaller, but the difference will disappear in the technological openings during the installation. But remember: the door to serve you long and faithfully, she needs professional installation. Agree, buying expensive luxury and quality metal doors, it is unwise to economize on their installation. More so that the savings will then be negligible. From improper handling or illiterate, and install door can “lead”, it will squeak and poorly covered. After all, if one day you can not open the lock of the door frame for the warp or deformation of the door leaf, then hold on the threshold of your home or office can be quite long time. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to professionals.