The skies of wood have existed since before the plaster or drywall and have always been a welcome addition in a House. What is a sky of wood? A wooden ceiling is a type of Heaven which is made of wooden panels or planks. In addition to its natural beauty, the skies of wood are often installed when there is the need to attenuate the acoustic qualities or sound of a space. Although the skies in style cottage interior decoration are usually pine, the wooden ceiling panels can be made of any type of wood used in construction. Design of wooden heaven come in a variety of designs as well as different installation techniques that give as a result a variety of texture effects.

Some designs of installation are linear, whereas others are cubic or with slots. The skies of wood can also be installed from a grid of metal that keeps the sky together and prevents it from falling. One of the advantages of this system is that allows the constructor to insert other things in the grid, such as speakers or lighting. You can create elegant or rustic depending on the type of wood and finishing environments. Types of heavens of wood wood skies can be fabricated practically from any type of wood used for the construction. Some heavens go directly nailed to the studs that hold the roof structure, while others are inserted into a metal grille. Encielado wood panels can be installed even in a room with high and vaulted ceilings.

Commercial buildings that use skies of wood for acoustic purposes, often have movable wooden slats to redecorate the sound as required. Why use wood skies? The main purpose to install a wooden ceiling is its aesthetic appeal. The skies of wood are simply beautiful, what for many homeowners is reason enough to go through the problems and costs that may result.