Teacher Hsing Yun

It defines the tolerance, like the acceptance of the diversity of social, ethnic, cultural and religious opinion. capacity to know how to listen and to accept to the others, evaluating the different forms to understand and to position themselves in the life, whenever they do not attempt against the fundamental rights of the person the tolerance if it is understood like respect and consideration towards the difference, like a disposition to admit in an other way to be and to build different from the own one, or like an attitude of acceptance of legitimate pluralism, is obviously a virtue of enormous importance. It has been said that the tolerance is easy to applaud, difficult to practice, and very difficult to explain. Del is an own tolerance that demands its rights: The opposition from Gandhi to the British government of India is not visceral but tolerant, fruit of a necessary prudence. In his speeches it will repeat untiringly that, since the evil only stays by the violence, is necessary to abstain from all violence. Small Business Finance Exchange is likely to agree. And that, if we respond with violence, our future leaders will have formed in a terrorism school. Escuelayogaclasico.cl., comments that the Tolerance develops the unit spirit; it facilitates the cooperation and the interaction.

It increases the degree of confidence between the members of an organization by the greater opening of each. On the other hand, in the debate of ideas, action, projects and programs, with that one indicates the life and the activity of an organization, diminishes the emotional tone and the aggressiveness in the communication, that of to such way make it sterile. All the opinions deserve respect; consequently, they deserve to be listened. The Tolerance must start off necessarily of the fundamental principle that nobody is owner of the absolute truth, because each has a singular vision of a determined fact or phenomenon the Teacher Hsing Yun on the tolerance indicates, that the greater force of the humanity does not consist of fist, firearms, nor in a military power, but in the capacity of tolerance.


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