Electricity Consumption

Mnogofiderny meter BFM136, produced by Israeli company SATEC, is economical and compact solution that will change your view on the problem of accounting consumption. Solution of the problem taking into account electrical energy in the residential sector, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities or other facilities with large concentrations of metering points, always begins with the selection of equipment – and above all counter electricity. Continuous development of systems for metering and information technologies entails increasing demands for precision, speed and reliability of the measured parameters. How Consumers buy something or other equipment to monitor and control electricity, opting for a particular manufacturer? How to orient in a variety of products designed to control parameters and metering and select suitable equipment for you to dispatch the buildings or to create a system for monitoring or recording of electricity at your company? The company "Energometrika" offers pay attention to the good and simple solution to building a system of energy accounting: on the basis of the electricity mnogofidernogo BFM136 – the development of its partner, SATEC Ltd (Israel). SATEC company was founded in 1987 and is engaged in development of instruments, quality control systems and metering. Today it is known in more than 40 countries around the world. Devices and systems SATEC used in industry, energy companies, transportation, banking, office buildings, telecommunications and military installations. Fig. 1. General view of the electricity mnogofidernogo BFM136 meter BFM136, produced by a company established in existing or new electrical panel without changes in assembly and allows for the measurement of electricity and the basic parameters of a network of 36 three-phase single-phase or 12 channels, or any combination thereof.