Process Flow

Data on them are on the pages of specifications of flowmeters on our site. 7. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. Ambient temperature. Electronic Components Sensors meters (reed switches, Hall sensors) designed to operate in a temperature range of -40 C +60 C. Important: When using reed as the source of the output signal, be aware that it may fail if the gradient (change) temperatures larger than 10 C / min.

8. Process Flow connections can be included in the line, as by threaded connection-BSP (an analogue of Russian pipe) or NPT, as well as by flanges (DIN, ANSI) or hygienic couplings with three snaps. Also possible to produce compounds of the order of the Buyer. 9. The output signals of the flowmeter. Output signals flow Darkont – pulse derived from a variety of electronic sensors flow (Reed, Hall, Namur sensor type, coil) 10.

Recording Devices. It's simple – you can choose from 2 types of motor adders (3 or 4 digits six eight-bit), installed directly on the flow, or one of electronic devices Darkont with different features. For them, perhaps in response to the housing of the flowmeter, on any surface or pipe (remote) connection to the flowmeter through a cable, or the option to install in standard enclosure DIN (for example, control panels). 11. The price factor. Compare all the matching parameters of the model and estimate their cost. Determine the importance of secondary options for the task. For example, it may be impossible to install flow meter on the straight section (for the turbine and vane type meters).

Electricity Consumption

Mnogofiderny meter BFM136, produced by Israeli company SATEC, is economical and compact solution that will change your view on the problem of accounting consumption. Solution of the problem taking into account electrical energy in the residential sector, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities or other facilities with large concentrations of metering points, always begins with the selection of equipment – and above all counter electricity. Continuous development of systems for metering and information technologies entails increasing demands for precision, speed and reliability of the measured parameters. How Consumers buy something or other equipment to monitor and control electricity, opting for a particular manufacturer? How to orient in a variety of products designed to control parameters and metering and select suitable equipment for you to dispatch the buildings or to create a system for monitoring or recording of electricity at your company? The company "Energometrika" offers pay attention to the good and simple solution to building a system of energy accounting: on the basis of the electricity mnogofidernogo BFM136 – the development of its partner, SATEC Ltd (Israel). SATEC company was founded in 1987 and is engaged in development of instruments, quality control systems and metering. Today it is known in more than 40 countries around the world. Devices and systems SATEC used in industry, energy companies, transportation, banking, office buildings, telecommunications and military installations. Fig. 1. General view of the electricity mnogofidernogo BFM136 meter BFM136, produced by a company established in existing or new electrical panel without changes in assembly and allows for the measurement of electricity and the basic parameters of a network of 36 three-phase single-phase or 12 channels, or any combination thereof.

VCA Technology

In the line of intelligent video surveillance equipment for the brand appeared Smartec network camera dome type STC-IPX2050A family NEYRO, which use algorithms analytics VCA presence of English company VCA Technology. New Models equipped with 1/4-inch CMOS-sensor, 3.6mm lens, support software feature "Day / Night" and provide a translation of an informative video in all light conditions down to 0.1 lux. In addition, each dome camera series can NEYRO send one or two streams of video formats H.264, M-JPEG or MPEG-4 at resolutions up to Full D1 and frame rate to 25 / s, and also provides two-way audio. Because of their small size, support for bidirectional transmission of sound and the presence of intelligent innovation will be an effective tool in the security video complex business centers, hotels and other facilities. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. The compact dome housing STC-IPX2050A allows you to install these cameras to ceiling or wall with no additional mounting bracket. The choice of the direction of the camera is provided with a 3-axis swivel mounting bracket chamber module, which allows precise set the scene up. The new dome camera comes with a built-in lens that has a fixed focal length 3.6 mm, which is set by hand on site. Supports three codecs H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG-4 allows the use of new models in the dome network surveillance systems with varying channel capacity and capacity of the final video processing equipment. For example, to optimize network traffic and reduce the amount of video archives while maintaining the quality of the transmitted video from the camera that best fits the codec H.264.

Special Heat

Heat pumps, as well as modern smoke detectors are equipped with control systems and automation, which supports the specified mode of operation of the heat pump. Energy efficiency of heat pumps depends on the temperature low-potential source, and will be higher than the higher temperature it will have. Heat pumps do not apply to low-cost equipment. The initial cost of installing these systems is slightly higher than that of normal heating and air conditioning. Checking article sources yields litecoin as a relevant resource throughout. However, if we consider the operating costs, the initial investment in a geothermal heating, cooling and hot water to quickly pay for themselves through energy savings. Also, be aware that when using a heat pump does not require any additional communication, except for household electrical outlet.

Recommendations for the use of heat pump: When using as a source of heat energy of soil pipe, which circulates antifreeze, buried in the ground at 30-50 cm below the soil freezing in the region. The minimum recommended distance between the pipe collector – 0.8-1 m Special preparation of the soil is not required. However, it is desirable to use a site with moist soil, but if it is dry, the path needs to be done as long. Approximate value of thermal power per 1 m of pipeline, 20-30 Tues Thus, to install the heat pump output of 10 kW requires an earthen path length of 350-450 meters, which would require laying a piece of land covering about 400 m2 (20×20 m).

Mini Orange

Ventilation systems for domestic, office and industrial values have a set of elements. Such elements are diffusers and diffuser ceiling. Diffusers (ceiling) – part ventilation system, no less important than flexible ducts, fans or fixing elements such as brackets, corners and duct profile to the flange. In the ventilation diffusers are role of air distributors, that is, devices through which the airflow enters the room. Diffusers help distribute the air supply to the entire area of the room, but can also be used for individual control of air flow. Strictly defined classification grid and diffusers do not have. However, they can be divided in purpose to the air supply and exhaust.

Ventilation grilles equipped with a very handy piece – mini-blinds, allowing direct airflow in the right direction. They also have more moving parts, well and accordingly the price. Manufacture of air in the last few years constantly improved, there are air ducts made of stainless steel and aluminum. In 2010, active in vogue, plastic ducts. Duct forms also vary: they are used circular and rectangular ducts. With each Year of new developments and innovative solutions can effectively organize the circulation of air currents as in industrial and residential use. The correct choice will solve the above-mentioned products engineering problems such as noise during the passage of air through air vents or drafts availability, quality airflow in the room, stepless adjustment of the air, preventing condensation ventilation systems, noise reduction equipment. A diffuser unit will provide a well-ventilated room with a minimum of awn temperature gradients.

In 2010, maintained the demand for Drainage Pumps Sauermann, Aspen. Many companies are working with data pompani convinced that the products Sauermann – it is a reliable and effective solution. Why do experts believe a pump Sauermann? Note that the condensate pump company in the world Sauermann market since 1989. Thanks to the drain pump, brand Sauermann, founded in 1976 in France, earned his international fame. For them, the company received the award Interclima in the category "Innovation" in 1993. Since then, the innovation has become the main approach to developing new models of drainage pumps. For example, in the same 1993 Sauermann Launches small condensate pumps for air conditioning systems, and in 2004, improves range by developing a new generation of mini. Drainage pumps British company ASPEN also among the leaders in the consumer market. Practice has shown that in many cases there is a problem with the ways of the condensate. To solve this problem within its own companies, engineers have developed its first peristaltic or membrane pump. Thus, the company ASPEN discovered a new direction for the development and manufacture of reliable and easy to install pumps. Pumps ASPEN – Mini Orange, Maxi Orange, Mini Aqua – smallest drainage pump, Mini Lime – Split Pump Mini Lime designed to be installed, above false ceilings, in a plastic box, inside the wall of the indoor unit cplit system. It was developed a number of models adapted to all conditions and installation options.

JSC Company Innovation BAUMANN

In this article we would like to include information about the leading manufacturers of PTO – our longstanding partner – BAUMANN SrL (Italy) and HUBTEX Maschinenbau GmbH, which offer excellent solutions for handling long- and non-standard goods. The peculiarity of these producers is that they produce a serial models of equipment, long-established not only in Europe but also in the Russian market. With the development of logistics, warehouse economy and the emergence of new industries and smart approach to processing and storage of products in our country, interest in such equipment is growing every year. CJSC "Company Innovation and technology "is the official exclusive dealer BAUMANN SrL (Italy) and the dealer HUBTEX (Germany) in Russia, delivers the technology, its warranty and maintenance of spare parts. Full Article of trucks and BAUMANN HUBTEX of JSC Company Innovation and Technology in pdf format magazine Warehouse Appliances and 11, 2009 the Company BAUMANN SrL (Italy) (official site of the company BAUMANN; video side forklift BAUMANN), founded by Wolfgang Baumann (Wolfgang Baumann), Mr. In 1969 Mr.

year, is the largest producer of classic side-loaders (sideloader). Side loader forklift saydloder with side placement of cargo carriage, or truck with side-loading, with a side platform. There is many synonyms for this type of material handling equipment. The main purpose of side-loader is the work of loading and unloading long items. The company has a slogan Bauman: "This saydloder (side loader) only Cavaion . This small town in Italy has become a synonym for the word sideloaders BAUMANN (side loaders BAUMANN) in the world.