Emir Kusturica

– There shall be no Do your Polish supporters, especially those that are more or less know the story, questions about the name of your group? – Polish journalists have too often we are asked about this, and we always explain that in our case Haidamaks – is sign of revolt against social injustice on a global scale. According to Ukrainian-Polish relations, our peoples have a long history of coexistence in which each vied for her. Now the relations stabilized and the Poles are very positively disposed towards the Ukrainian. – Do you regularly communicate with Emir Kusturica – went to visit him, played with his band at Balkanfest. – I talk with Nelly, singer of No Smoking Orchestra, and with the Emir, too sign, but I try once again not to bother.

He is very busy, not that tired, just did a lot, but for all you have to pay a price. With Nellie, we met in Kiev, he took our wheels, and then said that the whole winter listening to them in the car. Subsequently invited ‘Gaidamakov’ in Kustendorf. – The famous wooden town in the mountains? – Yes, where Amir lives with his family. And in Kustendorf not sell any whiskey, no Coke, no phantom – what they drink in a capitalist world, there is prohibited. ‘Energize a native Chernobyl’ – In general, the Poles album has a song ‘Until Ternopil. I know that most of the tracks ‘Gaidamakov’ – your words, and this, too? – No, this is a traditional folk song. Her heard on any wedding in the Ternopil region our accordionist Ivan Laziness and brought us a record in the recorder. – Last year you took video of Chernobyl. It is true that you are born there? – True. My family moved to Kiev before disaster, but I went there every summer. Now I happen more often. – Not scared? – Why be afraid? High radiation directly next to the block in Pripyat Whenever I come back, there is a certain euphoria associated with the fact that this indeed, my homeland. I feel there is more organic – no radio, no process noise. Yes, and there are almost no people. For one day at Chernobyl can rest and recharge for two to three months in advance. –

You were there at the time of the accident? – No, I was served in the army in Russia. By the way, before the appeal was thinking that I would become an artist, because since childhood I liked it. And the Army found that the whole part I’m one draw, and almost 24 hours a day, I had to cry issue, then something else. And when I got home, I realized that drawing was over forever (laughs – aut.) After you picked up a guitar and started singing. – You have a classical education – safely learn to opera singer, you have made in a rock band. Academic knowledge help? – Of course, as in a conservatory put voice is important. – You’ve been on tour, but as far as I know, son. What do you want to teach? – That he was first cultured man. Ukraine lacks such – really well-educated, cultural, development. Therefore, teach your children. Make sure that they spoke in Ukrainian, but they knew not only Russian, and even English, Polish and desirable German. In the words of one of our countrymen living abroad: ‘Be proud of Cossack glory? Here and be the Cossacks! “.