Euro-US Finances

And what will happen deliberately in Copenhagen. For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly. The financial crisis of 2008 with its epicenter on Wall Street, is the view of many (which includes us) only a triple impact of the energy crisis, environmental and global. In the last summit of L'Aquila, which took place in July this year 2009, appeared a concept that summarizes, at least temporarily, the future scenario for global events: In L'Aquila states the concept of "Low carbon societies. " It is not clear that acceptance translation general be given to this concept, for our part we translate companies' low carbon. " It can be assumed that the planet must move toward communities and societies "Low carbon content." And everything indicates that this traffic will be traumatic, attentive necessary ideological discrepancies that break specific projections, on which are the ways or methods to move towards that future.

It attempts to reduce the ideological controversy with the plausible argument that this is a matter of survival. The idea is gaining scientific support, about life on the planet, starts to be at risk with content higher than 350 (three hundred fifty) parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Measurements show that has already exceeded that numeral. And technically there are two complementary ways. Stop emitting carbon dioxide, and "kidnapping" and the existing store. The minimization of the component, which is lethal to all life, is a transformation of the production model imposed by Euro American civilization from about 1760. To glimpse the extent of these changes, this, for example, would cease to circulate the vast majority of the 600 million existing vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (circulating in Argentina alone eight million such vehicles).