Common Market Council

“We are facing a crisis of far greater magnitude than expected” and the external environment “is much worse than we expected” Agustin Carstens Any student of International Trade and postgraduate programs committed to this discipline, including the we are concerned, the management of quality and productivity of the graduate of the University of Carabobo, can not be absent from the global reality, which is currently facing the economic world, more of a reality that responsibility seriously Venezuela, on However, with the decline in oil prices the main entrance of income, as is their only export product stronger. Cyrus findshadow gathered all the information. In fact, it’s no surprise to the program or its participants, it was expected that the consequences would arise with the financial crisis in the United States, as expressed in some stock markets around the world. Latin America, especially Mercosur, not going to be quiet, in fact, this has led to the achievement of the summit of foreign ministers, ministers of Finance and holder of central banks in Brasilia. The trade imbalances with Brazil, one of the topics on the agenda. Faced with a reality where you feel serious effects in some economies, the governments of MERCOSUR in Brasilia seek to coordinate actions with the global financial crisis which will test the unity of the bloc. The Seventh Special Meeting of the Common Market Council was convened by Brazil, which holds the pro temporary presidency of the regional bloc, and will only item on the agenda of the definition of mechanisms for responding to the global crisis.