Features Patenting

Russia's WTO entry requires correction of certain laws, one of which regulates legal relations in determining the ownership of intellectual property. With two thousand and six, entered into force fourth of the Civil Code, which regulates relations in the field of intellectual property. What can be patented, as the patent, who is the owner? List the Civil Code is not in our intention. We turn to the intricacies of patenting. A patent is granted for a period of 20 years, after which it becomes public domain, some companies keep their technology secret, protecting the invention, as the know-how and trade secret so as not to reveal their secrets.

The scope of legal protection depends on the subject of patents, for example a patent for invention or utility model requires a description of the patent formula. Claim includes a set of relevant factors. What should be included in the claim? Description of the factors essential to patent the formula should be well thought out and constructed. Claim should not be too narrow, then there should not exactly describe the subject of patents, indicate some of its properties. It is proposed to bypass the patent of a formula to patent the formula is not so easy to circumvent, formulating a different formulation. The same claim should not be too broad, that is, everything in the first place, about all the no patent the, and, secondly, everything is not clear that patent. Proper description of the formula patent – a pledge the continued success of product promotion. The presence of a patent for the products the organization makes itself a more powerful organization in the eyes of others, what you buy a product at the same price, patented or not, clear that we do not know anything, but better than proprietary. In the proof of patent infringement under investigation, accused the object is compared in detail with the patent formula and based on all of these similarities is decided protection of patent rights.